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After searching for about a month for those great little toadstools, I finally came across them.

After searching for about a month for those great little toadstools, I finally came across them. I got just enough for four people, Me (tripped 4 before), J (Tripped 4 before), B (No Trips before), and S (No Trips before).

On the way to our friends house (A) we picked up a gallon of orange and immediately went into the house. The house is very cool. It is 5 levels and very spread out. You can see from level to level in certain parts of the house. We all sat down at the table and began to break them up into four equal piles. Then we gulfed them down as me and J were telling B and S how it was going to be.

About a half an hour went by and some beatles were put on in one room. I just sort of walked around the house and got a feel for it, Because I have never been there before. Then I walked over to this wall that was slanted and began looking at it and went closer and closer. I found myself jumpiong back and forth at the wall because it was just so damn fun. B was in the same room just looking at a surfing magazine the whole time i was in there. A (owner of house) came home and knew we were there so he just decided to smoke, being that it was 4/20.

About 45 minutes went by and I walked down into A's room and no one was there so I laid on a big bean bag and Played Dark Side Of The Moon. Then major visuals started to kick in. The T.V. and the shelf underneath it begame to rotate back and forth and looked like one big wavy ray. I looked at the wall and the GIANT desk came out at me and the wall bended backwards on the tops and was coming out at me. I just sat there laughing and laughing, i didnt really know why I was laughing. I laid there for about 10min then J came in and got really excited and did a little dance. He was soo excited to hear Floyd. So we layed out in the room and had a great time listening and laughing for no reason.

I looked down at the floor and I saw thousands of faces, everywhere I look I saw faces. Then i noticed a flashlight laying on the ground. I went and picked it up and played with it. I thought it was so cool that i could shine a little ball of light at anything i wanted. So I started to dance around with it and jumped up and down. Ive never been so excited in my life. Then I notice the shades needed to be close. (they were long plastic shades that came down covering a sliding glass door) I tried closing them and I couldn't figure it out. Then i just grabbed them and pulled them over and it worked and I got all happy. I took the flashlight and pointed it at the shades like a projector on a screen.

The flashlight made a giant ellipe and the closer end of it were all the colors of the rainbow. Then It turned into the moon and I moved in on it and I was flying right around the moon. As I was doing this S came in and grabbed me and pulled me down. We just started giggling for a while. We tripped out for a while in A's room for a while then S came out of the closet (the actual closet) and layed on the floor. Then he grabbed the comforter of the bed and put it over him and J and layed on the floor. They invited me in and I joined them.

All of teh sudden I was 6 years old again. We got all excited because it was our tent and we were camping. I had the flashlight so we were going to tell stories. I tried to say one, then i said one word and forgot about it. The lines on the blanket then turned colors and started to wave around like ripples in water. We hung out there for a while and then decided to go exploriing. With the fact that i was 6 still in mind. We were going to explore all the different worlds of the house.

We walked out and went to the bottom floor. The stairs are carpeted and i could tell what was a stair. It looked like a long ramp with faces everywhere.We arrived downstairs into a giant room. It was the biggest room i've ever been in. I got excited and started to jump around and I started rolling around on the ground. Then i found myself laying on top of my head with my feet up on the wall. I didn't know how to get down. I thought for a while then all of the sudden I just fell. I felt like this room was my home and I never wanted to leave. It was our home.

Finally we decided to leave after about 45min and go exploring some more, with the thought in mind that i'd be back to this room cause it was home. I wouldn't of left unless someone told me we would be back. So they said that and we left. We marched up the stairs and walked back to A's room. Already forgetting about the exploring. A was playing Grand Theft Auto 3. He was a little guy throwing grenades everythwere. I told hm to stop cause it was bad but he wouldnt. so i didn't really want to watch. Then J started to play and got into a car. He put the view on like where you are actually in the car. Then he told me to get in so i hopped on the gournd and sat next to him and So did S. we began driving and I was in the car. we started going really fast hitting all these people and BAM into another car and we flipped over. I started laughing so hard, it was so funny.

A left and went upstairs. I was holding this flashlight the whole trip so far. Now about 4 hours into it or so. So i was still playing with it then S started calling me from another room and I didnt realize he left. I followed the voice into the bathroom. He was laying iin the bathtub and told me to get in the spaceship. I layed in it too and we started to fly off into the roof. To different planest. We did that for a while then came out back into A's room.

During the whole time i was out of A's room i was hearing Pink Floyd in my head the whole time, even though it wasnt playing. I heard it the whole trip. I took the flashlight and shined it into my eyes for a while. Dark side was still playing cause i think the hwole cd was on repeat. After I stopped shining it in my eye, everywhere I looked was all crazy and bright. I closed my eyes and immediately saw all these faces ( from the cover of A Pink Floyd CD) then they morphed into a giant skeleton with a rose mimicking the Grateful Dead. Then the skeleton morphed into a moon and started to rotate around and arouhd. Colors were everywhere and everything was great. When everyone's trip was ending we went upstaris and watched Clarrisa Explains It All. It brought back memories of when I used to watch it when I was younger. I seemed like it was on for hours but it was only on for half an hour. Then S told me I had to try food. So i grabbed it and put it in my mnouth and it felt so weird. I felt like it was morphing into the sides of my cheeks so I spit it out.

We wrapped up out trip on the porch tlaking about the whole experience. I felt weird and began to trip out about life, Just as I did on all the other trips i have had. Usually on my shrooms trips I think a lot and never have too many visuals, this was the total opposite. I remembered what it was like to be young again and have fun. It just goes to show you that every trip is a new and wonderful experience. Happy tripping to you all.

I HIGHLY recomend looking into a flashlight and then closing your eyes, Its a great trip. I also made a new friend on this trip, my flashilight. I carried it for a solid 6 hours.

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