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straght to hell

My second time on srooms had to be grate, because the first one we took a little, and it didn’t work as well as we expected, we never got passed first basic stage of laughing and total happiness, little did we know that it can be so much more then that.

My second time on srooms had to be grate, because the first one we took a little, and it didn’t work as well as we expected, we never got passed first basic stage of laughing and total happiness, little did we know that it can be so much more then that.

Me and my friends, P, C and A wore looking for a perfect time to take shrooms and have the best time ever. The perfect time came as soon as my parents left for the vacation leaving us alone for about 9 days. We got about an 1/8th of shrooms for each one of us. In the morning around 8AM we all gathered at my house and ate all for them at ones at the same time. I got a little bit more for my self, because I had some left from the lest time we tripped. Considering that we wore waiting for this moment for about 4 month the next 20 min wore really intense. We rolled a blunt right away because we knew that none of us could actually at the tripping time.

It’s around 8:20 everything started to kick in. At that time every thing went crazy, just as it should at the very first stage. Every one was looking at each other and laughing for no so reason what so ever. Soon I here my friend P saying to me, “yo this don’t get batter then this”. Little did he know that this was not even close to pick yet.

8:30-40, I am sitting on the couch, and there is no body there but my self, witch what strange because just a second ago I was talking to everyone. All of the sadden I though that I lost everyone, so I went out side on a back yard to check if they are there. I open the door, from the dark room in to the sunny day out side. Look out and I see all of my friends are waken around the back yard, looking at something or for something ( never could figer it out). Everything seemed so peaceful and beautiful. I just loved chilling out side with them talking and laughing, that until I saw something croll out from under the grass. It looked kind of like a little monster but not scary one, more of a happy monster. That was real disturbing, but still nothing compare to what’s to come.

I though that I don’t want to sit out side no more and just go inside. Now that was not a good idea. It is not a good idea at all to go anywhere there is dark. My door from room to back yard seemed like a gate from hell to haven. I went to hell. As soon as I walked in, the music was blasting like crazy. Just at the moment that I walked in the soft trance was playing. The image of a room because something that you see in the movies. Room was all candle lid and a lot of people wore sitting all around. I was trying to get between them to lye down. So I asked one of them to move. Little did I know that I was actually the only one the room talking to a couch. After fighting with my couch for about a minute or two I got board and desisted to lye down on a floor and not care who was sitting there.

There is no more such thing as time. I could not see the time, know the time, and I didn’t even know were I was. PICK time came at lest. My best advice is to listen to trance or “Dream Dance” while you tripping or shrooms. The music started talking to me. I had some sparkly thingy that I’ve made a long time ago right in front of me that little thingy soon became the door way to hell, and just a little to the right of it I saw the outside world that look just like haven to me, all beautiful and bright.

Then it finely happen, I donno who long I was looking at that view, but the red thingy became a face of a person that I was holding in my hands. And the thing that freaked me out the most is when he sad, “ well what would be your choice”, my guess that was referring haven or hell. For a minute there I came to my senses, I though, hold on this can’t be real, and all I hear “ of course it can, you just to stupid to see what is front of you” what ever ta hell that means. The face disappeared from my hands and went right inside my hands. I got nerves and decided to close my ease. With eyes closed I’ve saw some of the best visuals ever.

Next thing I know I’m in side the huge space, total darkness, except the window somewhere up top of me. The window looked more like an old movie with out sound or color. And in that window I could see my friends P&C looking at me inside, saying something. Couldn’t here what they wore saying though, all I herd was the laughing all around me. Some time went by and I see a blue boll in front of me with like 40 light holes all around it. The light was very bright and beautiful. Apparently what I found out soon that the blue ball was actually the inter me named Jimmy, and it controlled everything about me all of my emotions, all of my fillings, everything around me. He explained everything. Every question that I had for him, he always had the answer for it. We talked for a while, and when I looked up again I see my friends are still taken to me and I was trying to get out of this place and to see what they want. I was begging Jimmy to lat me go, but all he was saying that “I am u, u are me, I am you, u are me……..”.

Finely I got out to my own surface of me, and I see my friend is flipping out, yelling at me and shit. He told me later on that I was talking to my self, and yelling at somebody named Jimmy. I tried to come him down but no mater what I do all he does is keeps on yelling the same thing oven and over again “ Well all at one, all together at on, one, one, all one……you don’t understand we all are what we are…….no you don’t understand, …… “, I don’t really remember the rest couse I just gave up on him. I wanted to go on my couch to stay there till the rest of the trip, but that didn’t happen. Jimmy came back to say hi. He sad took me threw my live and showed me thing I never knew, and told me that people out side will never know this filling and this place so record what I'm about to show you. I got up and started typing, I didn’t know what I was typing all I could see threw my window is my hands touching a keyboard and voices and thoughts coming out from every direction. I read what I rote after, couse no understand anything but maybe you will………..

--Unedited version--

I donno, what to sya, I just waned to tipe something up and I can’t even see the latars and know how redikulas that is I don’t even know what ta hell are my hands doing, they just tipe something from my inter m my can’t even express it it’s just is ,, you go to lissen to the music and songs and everything around you a spetualy your interbeeng, the music all around yopu compklitese you and does everything to you to just compfuse you moiré and I know but the time is nerar no no I have to say it right now to lot of time laft shit shit my hands I can’t stop typing I’m getting all fristereteds, shit I think I did to much but it fills so good, and ohh it fils so good I can’t iven express it, you will never see or understend until you ri it with absoulutelly no point in life what so ever, and in one word I don’t even know what am I doing here and why am I looking so spuupid typing someshit on the computer with out stopping shit but there is so much to life you don’;t know and you only live your life ones no m ater what you have to do it and never stop, ohh shit I just tought that was m,y cousin here, but it was some other girl I didn’t know…………..ohh my got I see a lot of fases everywere and the keys bord ………the holl interfase of the serface I undereder3estend how supid it may and I may sound…….. shit I can’t even tipe on word rong…I mean right………. As uusual ……oh shit there is all there people out here. Y …..music is in you it’s your life I know you can’t understed it but I know you will one day nomater what you ca never stop no mater what if the song is going you mast go no what mater what there is anno time wayst I can’t iven see what I’nm doing anymore …………..i am not me anymore somebody just sitting out side of inter me and now I can see everything how it has been deasing y, and how , of every human in the world , there are so many things out there, shit I kcan’t even stop what I’m doing because I’m hooked in to out lare and I can’t get out and everybody areoung me s just lafffing for no reason what so ever.. shit if I can here with my hadphones there is got to be someone ooutthere that can………..oh my god I have seen the everything…. I know now why and whoiw and I know that I’m gonna for get everything that I’might say so I’m tiping and it’s n9ot somfterble…………..fuck what was I about to say…. Shit everyboudy has to laff all the time what I can’t even underttend nothing, what what ,, shit you g………… nor more to life then this. Oh my got I donno if it just happen or I just soll hahhaahha there is like a big somebody right at my cruch aria lol , , , . . . . . . .and ever bobby a spetualy pasha talk to dam m,uch…………..y……there is like no point to it wahat so ev en, dream youre dreammm so many face so many words right now I’m just tiping that ever y one there is no more then something of a something you relly have to be there to understend it ,,,, its’…………….this text right now looks like a patern to everthing and everyone muiisc I can’t even type no more that it I’m out of the place and time and world sim chanaling out or evefery thing end everyone,………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….tinghn knmeos I try to you cns’tr understend the plasere
But you will someday



That is when I was lost and never found for about an hour, literally….next thing I know I see trash all over my room, my couch looked broken and in pain, all furnisher was moved. My friends told me that I was moving the furnisher, but more like reselling with the sofa chair. My other friends A got a very bad trip, he got really scared and locked him self in the garage for about 2-3 hours, where as he described had seen a have and hell also.

Some people may say that you will loose your friends because of drugs, well in my case I gene a lot of friends couse of that and fill much closer to my friends now then I did before. I guess you just have to go threw something like that together to understand it. No mater what I thing that every one has to try shrooms at leased on time in there life, it’s just something that you can’t explain exactly, you just have to see it for your self.

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