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gotta get oustide

I was at a friends house for the night, we had just gotten back from a killer concert.

I was at a friends house for the night, we had just gotten back from a killer concert. My buddy put his shrooms on a pizza, he couldn't stand the taste. It was the first time for both of us, we split an eighth. The other guys smoked a lot of pot, but I didn't because I didn't want it to interfere with my tripping experience. After an hour I started feeling high, like I had smoked. I remember the light in the kitchen seemed to be brighter. I thought that maybe I hadn't eaten enough or something, because I had expected more. Then I started feeling tingling throughout my entire body. I was gettting the giggles. The T.V. was on, and I spent some time playing video games, but it was as if I couldn't concentrate on anything. My friend was sitting at his computer watching those crazy animations, but I wasn't interested in them. Although it was cold out, I wanted to go outside. I asked my friends if they wanted to go out there, and they said they would in a little while. After a little longer, I felt like a dog, I was becoming incredibly desperate to get out of the small enclosed area. Eventually I went out there and sat in the backyard, looking at the moon and the stars. The stars were amazing to me. It seemed that they were all moving, and I tried to concentrate and convince myself that I was imagining it, but no matter how hard I tried, the stars just kept dancing around. I then thought that I was seeing things in the trees. I thought there were creepy people climbing around in them. My friend got cold and said he was going inside. I told him I wanted to stay and watch the stars more, but when he left, I got paranoid that a wolf was after me. I went back in. Once I got inside the tripping fully hit me. I was restless. I had little control over my movements, I could not sit, or stand, or lie down for more than a few seconds. I started seeing patterns moving around in the rug and on the couch. I looked in the mirror and my face seemed very weird. I would close my eyes and see orange mushrooms and skulls and all sorts of cartoons. The other guys had all smoked, they had the munchies. I could hardly function well enough to eat, it was a foreign experience to me. As the night went on, I went outside a few more times, restless as I was. As I started coming down, I became this philospher talking about how stupid television and the media were. I thought, why am I in college, what is the point of doing anything? I was unable to sleep. I went home at 7:00 in the morning. During the ride back the sun rose and it was a good time. I still had a little trouble falling asleep once I was in bed, because I could still see orange skeletons dancing around when I closed my eyes.

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