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Time Machine

It was a friday night.

It was a friday night. My roommate and I had been talking about getting mushrooms for some time now. I had tripped once before, this was his first time. A guy showed up at our dorm room with the shrooms at around 8:00. The two of us split an eigth. We sat playing hockey on Playstation 2 for about a half an hour. We then went to the building next door to get our friend. She was coming with us to the movies to see Time Machine. We didn't tell her about the mushrooms, we still haven't, and this was about a month and a half ago. When we got into her building, we both started getting the giggles. It was as if we had smoked weed, but we hadn't. My body was tingling all over. She told us that she did not know how to get to the theater. I went to find people from our dorm, to give us directions. Several people from the dorm were going, as it was a dorm function. I was feeling a lack of control over myself. I told my roommate to sit in the front seat of the car, as I was afraid I would give us away or fuck up reading the directions. As we headed downtown to the movie theater, I really started tripping. All of the lights and buildings on the side of the highway were incredible to look at. As I closed my eyes, I started picturing the dealer who sold us the mushrooms, and imagined him as the devil, a larger than life figure surrounded by blackness. The girl's car was red, and it had a blacklight flashing in the back. I got the feeling that I was riding in the devil's car. I started to see things when I closed my eyes. When we got to the place, downtown was incredible. The lights were spectacular, I felt like I was in a giant Vegas casino. I also felt like I was going to freak out and be unable to communicate properly. My roommate didn't know where we were, he thought we were at some city about a half an hour away. We met our R.A. who was in charge of the tickets. He gave us ours, and asked me a question about where other people were. I had no idea what he was talking about, I was amazed that I was able to communicate at all. Once inside the theater, I thought that it would be impossible to sit in the seat for the entire movie. The previous time I tripped I annoyed my friends by talking nonstop and I couldn't sit still at all. I sort of had to this time though, being in a crowded movie theater. I had an extreme feeling of being unsafe. I didn't think I would get back to my room safely, and even if I did, I wouldn't even feel safe in my own bed. The movie was spectacular. The special effects were so awesome, and part of the time I wasn't even watching the screen, I had my eyes closed. I saw an image of George Clinton, and his hair was made up of neon lights. I really don't know how I sat through the movie the entire time, I felt very uneasy. When it was over, about 10 people said that it sucked. Me and my roommate were a couple of the only people who liked it, probably because of our state of mind. The shrooms weren't of the best quality though, which was actually good news for me because I came down from them when I got back, and was ready to drink!

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