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The Shit hit the Fan

Well, after some searching in the net i decided to try some shrooms.

Well, after some searching in the net i decided to try some shrooms. I must say here that i am no crazy kid who happened to stumble across some mushies and decided to give it a go. I am very experienced with all kinds of drugs, including a very BAD TRIP on acid a couple of years ago.
But evryone considers the smurf houses to be more friendly and easygoing than lsd, so i thought i 'd have no problems.
Boy, was I in for the fall...!!!
So me and my best friend took a small teaspoon of dried cubensis each, on a saturday evening. My friend actually tried to double our dose, because he thought one lousy teaspoon would do no harm...i talked him into taking only one, since i know how psychedelics can be unpleasant if one takes too much.
Anyway, after only 40 minutes we were laughing, chating and smoking a joint in his livingroom, already feeling the first effects. But then, it started.
Wave after wave of energy flowing through my body convinced me that some pretty shit was about to come, and soon i was entertaining the same thought as any novice shroomer will, sooner or later:"Shit, i think i took too much!"
At that time i looked at my friend and saw the same worried face...he says:"MAn, i think i am going to loose it..."That was his last sentence.
I tried to calm him down, but i was in deep shit myself, on a personal countdown to leave reality for good...the shit was about to hit the fan with all strenght and power...
Everything was SOOOO weird, i couldnt tell who i was, where i was, i was a real mess. So was my friend, and he is a strong person, the kind of guy who drinks 4 doses of bourbon for breakfast.
My personality, my ego, my sense of reality, was melting down like butter in a fire, and soon i was (and so was my friend) contemplating the sheer terror of complete ego dissolution...
This must be what hell feels like.
After 2 hrs of this bad trip, things began to calm down, and we were able to formulate complete sentences,and get some grip on reality. I dont know how we managed to get through with it but aparently we did.
I dont really know how we got so fucked up with such a small dose, but the fact is i dont care...all i know is that i will NEVER EVER do it again!
Perhaps you are wondering now that with so many good trip reports around here, mushrooms must be really fun...well, all i can say is: beware! you may find out that you have been wrong all this time...
Lessons to learn from this crapy evening:
Shrooms are no joke AT ALL! If you want recreational drugs, keep out! there is NOTHING recreational about mushrooms!
If its your first time, start low!! Take my word for it:its better safe than sorry...specially with psychedelics.
Dont talk anyone into trying it, its bad enough to be freaking out yourself, you dont want to be responsible for someone else's bad trip...
Be cautious and aproach the mushroom with respect: believe me, it can turn your mind upside down and inside out, and its no fun at all!

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