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This was my first trip and from the experience I wil be doing it again.

This was my first trip and from the experience I wil be doing it again. I took a little over half of an eighth and at first I thought it was a bad idea--until the clouds began to move in layers over me and I could see each individual part of the cloud and its purpose in the sky. I began to feel very peaceful and when I went to the bathroom to look in the mirror I could really tell I was begining to trip. I kept seeing other people out of the corner of my eye eventhough I knew I was alone. My friend and I decided to walk to the quad of my university and thats when ever thing kept changing color when I blinked--it would be green then red and so on. We saw a man playing with his son and my friend who also took them thought the man was mentally retarded, and so did I for a while, but this was just our minds messing with us. The only bad part of the trip occured when two cops came up to a bunch of us sitting in front of a house. I got the hell out of there and began to panic and walked back to my dorm scared. As I walked, the sidewalk moved in waves as well as the main academic building on campus. I went to my girlfriends room where I lied down and closed my eyes. I began to see everything in 3-d when my eyes were shut, and the small desk fan next to me turned into a shroom slowly, and then my girlfriend joined me in bed. All my senses were so acute and her skin felt like nothing I have ever felt before. It was amazing, and as I held her it felt like we were merging into one person as her body and my body began to look like picasso sculptures, all jagged. She had many eyes at one point and this was the peak of my trip. This was when I realized how beautiful the world was and everyone in it.

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