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Camp Mushi's

Me and my friends had planned a camping trip one weekend.

Me and my friends had planned a camping trip one weekend. So we got all packed up and hit the road... that is after stopping by our friendly dealer. I just got paid so i felt like making this a weekend i would never forget. I picked up 1 ounce of some red devils (fresh) and 1 ounce of some dried cubensis.

On our way with our entertainment we just smoked pot all the way to where we were gonna camp. We all had the idea that get baked all the way there and then munch down. Well we got there fairly early so i just started eating shrooms left and right. I had never mixed 2 kinds of shrooms before so i ate 6 grams of each ounce. I had no idea what i was gettin mysefl into.

It all started normally. I just began to see a hazey like tracer from the fire and got the giggles bad. My friend started crying cuz it was his first time and all i could do was laugh. So i got up to walk away and get a grip when all of a sudden i passed out from light-headedness. My buddies said i was down and out. I woke up to my body shaking and totally not able to tell one thing from another. I was talking to a bush thinkin it was my friend.

I just had to get used to what was goin on. It was like commin up, totally not remembering what happened, and not being able to tell a plant from your friend. Well it was getting dusky by then and all i wanted to do was go for a nature walk.

Everybody agreed so we went exploring. I remember looking up at the sky and all of a sudden it started filling up with these black dots until the whole sky was black.
Well i had been standing there looking up for a hour!! With my friends nowhere in sight i started walking in the first direction i looked.

Being out in the woods in the dark by yourself shroomin up a storm isn't scarry to me but makes me currious about everything.

I kept thinkin i heard my friends laughin so i would start runnin in the direction i heard the laughing and then i would be lost again. well after another hour of this i got paranoid.But thankfully my friends yelled my name and i found my way back to camp.

Feeling relieved i could enjoy my high. Well the fire was blazin and i really started to see shit then. The first thing i saw was a face appear in the flames. Then the face made a sound that sounded like chanting. Then all of a sudden a fireball like thing shot out of the fire. I saw it in slow mo it seemed like so i jumped back and fell over. Now laying on my back all i could do was look at the stars. They started moving and changing colors and then falling down to earth. All i could think of was "i am in a meteor shower." As the stars were changing colors they were swirling together like a giant piece of rainbow colored cotton candy.

It was so intense that i got up and just started saying broken sentences. Of course all my friends were lookin at their own shit so noone was listening to me. I can only remember up till that but i was told that i started thinkin that we were being hunted by cannibals and that we needed to get back to the city asap. When i woke up the next day all i know was that all my shrooms were gone and that i had ate them so god has the only idea what i was experiencing. Even though i only remember half the night i can only say that i cant even explain some of the things i saw and felt.

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