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School Night Trip...

Whats up everyone, it was about 10:30 on a Wednesday night.

Whats up everyone, it was about 10:30 on a Wednesday night. I bought two eigths of some psilocybe shrooms. Atleast I think they were, they had a really blue tint all around it. Anyway, they were white shrooms with the liberty caps, small ones too. I atleast less then one half of the two eigths, and it was crazy. They started to kick in about 11 pm. I didn't get too much of the giggles, so I started to write a song. It's called day and night. I did that for about an hour and the trip started kicking in very hard. I could not have my TV on anymore, I thought it was bad. I turned my green lava lamp on and my black light on. It looked like say and night on two different sides of my room. The black like side started turning to the colors of purple, blue, and pink. The lava lamp side turned from green, to yellow, to orange. I didnt know what to do with my self, I didn't have nothing i liked, i couldn't even smoke weed. (I smoked a bowl to kick them in though. It wasn't much.) So I decided to go to sleep. Well that's pretty much impossible. But my body went to sleep, and I was watching myself lie there. I opened my eyes and the wall was breathing very hard. I just moved around for about an hour. I finally got enough guts to try and listen to some music. The only things I could listen to was a bunch of really bluesy songs from jimi hendrix and the rolling stones, and one really trippy song by Nazareth. But then I threw my headphones and got enough balls to go back to TV, but I could only watch Dave Letterman. My TV wasn't being very trippy though. It didn't have to much crazy shit in it. I had to look at my room and try to eat warm pudding. (YUKK) After about another hour, it's about 1:00 or so. I pretty much layed in my bed and tripped very hard. Crazy ass thoughts. Then I put on Wayne's World. I watched the movie, but I don't remember all of it. I pretty much had mad visuals or something, cause I only remember certain parts. During this movie i smoked a joint. And when I did it, everything was different. I had more control over the trip, and I felt like I could go to sleep. But I didn't. I took a look at my hand and noticed some very heavy trails. So I stayed awake and discovered something out of the corner of my right eye. It was the trip, and it talked to me. It was just something orange, that I had a huge conversation with. This is also where the heavy visuals kicked in. My four fingers on my left hand had began to resemble a large spider. But i knew it was my hand. It just looked like a spider. I also discovered that my hands could be put together and my into a solid triangle kind of thing. I closed my eyes and saw heavy kalidascope(sorry cant spell) type visuals, it was just insane, then the trip made me warn out and i said goodbye to my new friend who im going to meet again on friday. :) . Anyway, I went black for about a half hour, woke up, then yaked. I don't have a clue why, but I woke up in a crazy ass hot sweat. And school was a blast the next day when I woke up fucked up as shit!!! Peace mens.

Peace, Pot, and Micro Dot!!!

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