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Last weekend, me and my buddies decided we wanted to spend our money on some good shrooms.

Last weekend, me and my buddies decided we wanted to spend our money on some good shrooms. So we went over to my dealer, Kevin's house and asked him to hook us up with some mush. We gave him $350 and we got a big bag and a 20 bag o pot. On the way back to my house, my friend Jenn and me were studing the fungus. It was silver-capped with blue on it. So we got back and my friend suddenly slipped on this skateboarding magazine i had lying on the ground. No big deal, kinda funny. We smoked our 20 bag in my alien bong, then proceeded to eat our shrooms. They were disgusting, and my one friend Rebecca who's never done em before almost threw up. So we sat there and watched TV for awhile. Then about 1/2 hour later they hit us. We watched some kid's show with puppets on it we found on tv, and laughed histarically. I have a glass coffee table in my living room, and my friends boyfriend Trevor walked into it like 20 times because it looked like nothing was there. Then the image of my friend falling from the skateboarding mag kept replaying on the tv screen. Then I started to laugh because I saw little monkeys swinging around on my couch, then I cried for no reason. The carpet was growing like grass and the monkeys picked the grass and rolled it up and smoked it. That was so funny. They handed me a joint and it melted into my skin and my veins turned a pink color and the blood was shining on my wrist. My friends were running around the house. Then Cal off of the cartoon The Undergrads showed up and said "Hey Guy, your moms dress is on fire" and I got scared cuz I thought she came home so I ran to the door to see if she was. Some blurry guy was at the window with pizzas knocking on the door with a crazy looking hat. Im not sure if he wasnt real or he was an actual pizza guy. Then my friend took the fish net by my fish tank and tried to catch things in the air. It was fucked. So I stared at the fish tank and the fishes were growing and talking to me. They told me that my friends were fucked up and I was better than them. Then the fish said if I let him out he'd give me a golden mushroom. SO I was like fuck you and walked to my room to get something. Theres this mirror on the way to my room on the wall and I stared at it for awhile. This bat was in it and it was attacking my reflection. Then the mirror broke into a million pieces and killed my friend. I was crying now cuz I was sad he died. Then I needed to chill out so I went outside and stared at the neighbors sensor lights for what seemed like hours. The cars driving by morphed into trees and deers. Then plants were growing in front of me as I walked, and I hit a few but kept walking. I felt really sick now and lied down on the couch. I got up and collected all the shiny shit I could find, and anything that amused me. I passed out and when I woke up a few hours later, I was laying in a pile of lighters, candles, nail polish bottles, tin foil, money, mirrors, stuffed animals and tons of other shit including chip bags and pieces of a puzzle. It was weird. So thats what happened. It was fucked.

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