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First Trip

It all started Saturday night, a friend and i had purchased 8 grams of unknown type, but i think they were cubes.

It all started Saturday night, a friend and i had purchased 8 grams of unknown type, but i think they were cubes. originally we decided to use 2 grams each the first night, and another 2 for sunday night.

around 10:00 pm, both of my parents friends were asleep so i took 2 stems and a cap for starters, a little less than the origninal 2 grams. after around 45 minutes i started to feel "something". i closed my eyes and listened to pink floyd, i remember thinking that the retna in my eye was slowly turning into a mushroom. i knew something was happening. i went to the mirror to look at my eyes, they were normal so i decided nothing was happening yet. I started to think that we got ripped off and that the shrooms werent going to work. we started to go outside, but i kept getting distracted on the way, and looking at stuff, he constantly had to come back and find me. we sat in his empty pool. i remember staring at the half moon and seeing it get larger, i didnt think much was happening. i decided to take the rest of my 2 grams. about 30 minutes later, i started to feel it.

i remember walking back and fourth between the mirror because when i looked realy close, i could see a reflection of my face in my oversized pupil. it was realy cool. i walked back in and told my friend that "everything felt cool" he asked me what i meant but i couldnt describe it. i would start too, but i would get distracted and think it would be better left for him to find out. i took a dvd and turned it over to the shiny part and was watching tv with the reflection, i dont know why i did this, but it seemed like the right thing to do. then my friend decided to take his 2 grams.

when he started to feel it, we turned on a strobe light to its lowest setting. we were walking around and staring at the floor. it seemed like i could zoom my vision in and out. then my first hallucination occurred, a point in the floor started to rise up, like a mountain peak. i thought this was incredible. we decided to walk outside and see what was happening there. there was a cloud around the moon that was very thin, and appeared like a giant flame that went all the way across the horizon, it was a purple-red color, my friend didnt see this. we had a ciggarette and decided we were probably having a level 2 trip. this was what we had planned on, but since neither of us were freaking out, and since we had heard that your tolerance builds up to mushrooms realy fast, we decided that we would take the last 2 grams each.

when we walked in we put the last 2 grams on the pizza and started eating. my friend decided that he didnt want some of it, because of the taste, i tried them alone and i thought they tasted ok, kind of like a realy potent pistaschio. we were listening to pink floyd and laughing at stupid shit. i asked if he wanted to play some halo on xbox and he said yes. so we started staring at the walls instead. we were listening to the song "running away" by pink floyd, i think thats what its called, and i was staring at this light at the ceiling. it was a blue light that had some cracks in the paint so some white light projected onto the ceiling in streams. all of the sudden, the white lines started to wave and stretch out over the whole ceiling. i was like "holy shit" and then the bumps on his ceiling started to move, and wave, they looked like thousands of people laying on there face, crawling around. i thought this was crazy. then i started to see the ceiling turning into a tunnel, and the blue light was at the end. i remember feeling like i was floating to the end, i thought it was going to be death, but i wanted to see what it would be like. then i blinked my eyes and i was back on the floor, staring at the ceiling. we went back outside and everything was crazy. we sat in the empty pool again, talking about all the shit we were seeing. i looked at the end of the pool and it had a dark stain near the bottom, when i walked closer to investigate, it seemed like it was a cave 1000 feet deep. we started walking around in circles, it was realy strange. then we lied on our backs and looked at the stars, they werent realy doing anything, but i started sliding down the pool. i thought this was hilarious, so we started running and rolling down the pool, laughing our asses off, i can only imagine what we would have looked like if we had been seen. then we heard a bird that sounded like it was from africa, so we decided to head back in. when my friend opened the door, his mom had heard us outside and was looking at us. my friend yelled "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" and i thought this was hilarious, we had been the ones outside doing suspicious acts, and he turned it around on his mom.

when we got back to his room, i decided to look at the mirror some more. it was amazing. i saw checkered patterns on my face, but when i blinekd they were gone. then my friend turned on some music, and it was nothing short of mind blowing. it was like i could control everything in the mirror. i was moving my hands and stretching objects out, and pushing them in. then i looked at the marble tile on his sink. it was swirling and flowing around, it was realy cool. i went back to his room to watch the light, it was alive, and the white lights were the bones in its wings. it was soo beutiful. then we started to watch music videos the first one we saw was pink floyds "the wall" when those kids were standing in the halls and singing, i saw all of there faces melting off. it was crazy. we then saw a music video that had p. diddy, mr. t, and busta rhymes in it. they were at a bar or something, but it was hilarious, there faces were doing funny stuff, and just the fact that mr. t was in a music video was enough to make me laugh my ass off. then the music video turned into a movie or something, and one of the guys stomped on a girls foot, i could not stop laughing at this, then someone said "do it again" AND HE DID! it was frickin hilarious!

i put the movie "fear and loathing in las vegas" in the machine and we immediately fast forwarded to the part where raoul duke takes acid. i had control over the people on the tape, i could stop them, make them go fast, slow or nothing at all. it was realy cool, when we saw the floor moving we turned the tape off and put alice in wonderland on. it was realy cool. if you have seen the movie you probably remember the part where alice cries and makes an ocean,and she sees a big bird on top of an upside down toucan, and another bird pushing it. that bird is an asshole. he needs to do his own work.

shortly after we went back outside the stars were doing some realy crazy shit. i started to think of outside as a different world, because it was not like anything i had seen on earth. the stars started expanding into asterisk type shapes, and swirling around, and i saw a group of stars make out the shape of a wise old sorcerer, watching over us. i put my hand on the steps of the pool and saw them shrinking right before my eyes. it was very cool. then i saw them melting off the ends of the steps onto another one. after messing around for a while out there we came back inside and finally played halo.

it was like we were in the game, and doing everything the guys were doing. we eventually stopped playing and just stared at the games sky, shooting the alien weapons at it leaving magnificent green tracers everywhere. then it was back to staring at the ceiling and the wall. i was starting to come down, as i realy had to concentrate to make shit move. my friend was still tripping pretty hard. i just relaxed and watched cartoons. we came to the conclusion that everyone who makes cartoons is on shrooms, because the characters act like they are on shrooms, and there are often references to shrooms. we thought it was hilarious how much trouble bugs bunny gets himself into. i never realy noticed before but HE is the one that starts the problems, this revelation shocked me.

we watched cartoons for another 30 minutes or something, and i wasnt realy seeing anything so i went to sleep. when we woke up my friend was still able to make stuff move if he realy concentrated. i woke up with a mild headache and was very tired since i had only went to sleep 3 hours earlier. but other than that i felt normal, it seems like the only effects were the ones during the trip, and i thought it was very cool. i remember asking repeatedly how anyone could get a bad trip from shrooms. it just didnt make sense. i also came to the conclusion that i would never smoke weed again, its effects were so mild and worthless compared to the mushroom. i realy think that everyone should try shrooms once.

i know this was a realy long trip report, but if youve ever done it, you know that there is way to much to describe in a short few paragraphs.

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