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Concert Trip

Ive done mushrooms twice before and had a great, safe time.

Ive done mushrooms twice before and had a great, safe time. And ive done acid twice too, and had a not so great time.

Im going to try to write a good trip report right now, but its going to be hard to find the right words to say since im pretty burned out from yesterday.

So 3 friends of mine and myself got floor tickets to the mars volta system of a down concert at the DCU center in Worcester , mass. We have been looking forward to it and i was cosidering popping a small amount of mushrooms before the concert, ya know to get some good visuals and to enjoy the mars volta. Needless to say, outside the venue i downed a huge, moldy cap with some diet pepsi . It asted like shit as usual. I immediately felt the mushroom starting to take hold. We parked the car in the parking garage, smoked a few joints and we were on our way. At this point i was feeling like utter shit. The opening band for TMV was this shitty band called "Bad acid trip" (which is kinda ironic). I was walking around the venue, trying to calm myself down, but i couldnt. I kept seeing disturbing things like: scary goth people with shaved heads and in trench coats, and your normal every day freaks. I went to sit down and i starting having a slight panic attack. Nothing anyone could say could make me feel better, i felt like the world was coming to an end and it was my fault, i was sweating like hell and my heart was beating very fast. I thought i was going to have a terrible trip and i was angry at myself for taking the shrooms. After "bad acid trip" my friends and i walked into the venue and got to our standing room. We were about 20 feet from the stage and we where in plain sight of the stage. At this point i was still feeling like shit. I just sat down with my back agaist the barrier with my head in my lap. I was trying to get a deep breath in, but i couldnt, i really wanted to get the hell out of there. I then got a three dollar water and that helped a little bit. I then heard the crowd cheer and the house lights go off. The mars volta was hitting the stage, so i ran in.

As soon as they hit the first note of their opening song, "L'via" I immediately felt better. From that point on i was enjoying the volta and feeling fantastic. When they jammed i would close my eyes and i felt like i was flying. I was moving back and forth to the music and having a blast. After the volta's set. the house lights came back on and my friends and i discussed the set. I was rambling like a moron very loudly. I remember talking to a very ugly woman for a little bit and i was making little or no sense at all. I also remember staring at some object on the ground and saying very loudly "what is that" to my friends. "pick it up" i said, "its yours". I was rambling about this small piece of trash on the ground for a good ten minuets. i was then told that i was making no sense and i was saying words.

Before i knew it system of a down came on, from that point on i just stood there and stared into space and watched the show. I came to the conclusion that their new songs are totally gay. When they played sugar and suite pee the crowd went crazy. After the show we were chilling in the busy parking garage long enough to roll a joint, smoke it, and take in the nice scenery from the top of the parking garage.

I was still tripping, and was responsible for giving directions home. Needless to say it took us about 3 hours to get home, when it was a 40 min ride. to get up there.

Overall is was a good trip.

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