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Pleasant St.

After months of searching for shrooms, wich are damn hard to find here (Sidney, B.

After months of searching for shrooms, wich are damn hard to find here (Sidney, B.C. Canada), I was at school when my freind told me he knew someone who had 3 pounds of mush to sell. I found this guy as soon as I could and bought 1/8th of shrooms. Since he had so much all my friends got some too it was gunna be a good friday (May 24) night!, Later that night We all went to a party at the beach with a bonfire. We all started eating them at 10:30. One of my friends who had never had mush before didn't want the other half of his 1/8th so I happily finished off his bag for him.
It was only about 10:45pm when I got in a car to head to McDonalds that I started seein trailers! We got about two feet when we saw cop cars commin down the road to bust the party up since there was more people on mush there we decided to get out and wait for them. Shit! the shrooms were commin on fast. I started getting anxious to get away from the cops in fear I would do or say something fucked up. We went back to the fire to pick up the others and the cops told us to move around logs to put the fire out. They wouldn't let us leave! by the time we were done I had lost all the others that were on shrooms, I don't know if I aksed for a ride or if I was just lookin dazed but somehow I got in a car. I didn't know the driver, but when I got in one of my friends was there (not on mush). I kept on sayin shit but noeone knew what I was talking about so I just shut my eyes and listened to the music.
Finally I told them I wanted to get out, I had decided that I had had enough of thier seemingly pointless conversation and music despite the fact that I was still about an hour walk (sober) from my house. Luckily I had my diskman with me but I didn't put my headphones on for a while even though I wanted too. By then I was really close my peak and I kept on getting distracted by trees and I wasn't quite sure how to work my diskman anymore. Finally I sat down on a bench by the water. Thats when I hit my peak. The sand below me looked like it was in some sort of patter and it was crawling around in all directions. I started to get in a thought loop, thinking the same things over and over, I was thinking about a million miles an hour though. I just sat on that bench for the longest time wanting to go home but lacking something to get up, I was just stuck to that bench. Finally after what seemed like an hour I pulled myself up and started walking down the beach. It took me a whole hell of alot of time to cover a 10 minute walk stretch of beach (sober), my guess is it took me about 45 minutes. I kept on trying to hide from cars that went by, I really wasn't in the mood to see any people. But the main reason it took me a long time was that I was so horribly confused, I kept on stopping and trying to figure out what the hell I was doing. I kept on hearing someone swimming or something but it was like 12:30am and the water was freezing so I didn't know what the hell was goin on.
Finally I came to this beachside park where a bunch of people I knew were drinkin. They kept on asking me all these questions but I couldn't really answer well. "where did you come from?" "what are you doing here?" "What are you on?" Basically I could really only tell them what I was on because at the time I really didn't know the other anwers myself. They were laughing at me trippin out on everything and the size of my eyes, wich apperently had barely any colour in them they were so black. I chilled with them for a while, but I was having real trouble holding a conversation with them. And they were being fucking loud. I was in no position to talk to the cops if they showed up, knowing Sidney there was a real good chance. I started walking home, my peak was over but I was still right fucked! I wasn't stopping anymore (exept to look at something trippy, but not for too long) but time was still so messed everywhere I went seemed to take so long.
1:00am, About half way home I saw a road sign that said Pleasant St. It only was heading away from my house but it just seemed so tempting to take a stroll down pleasant street! About half way down I came to a four way stop with a big street light above it. I stopped right in the middle of it and started looking at this towering tree. It was kind of evil but in a good way (hard to describe). And it put a big ass grin on my face. Thats when I thought "Wow!, this is pleasant" I found that so damn funny I collapsed right in the middle of the intersection laughing!
A bit closer to home (after making th trip back down pleasant) I came across all these multicoulered curly things underneath a tree, I had seen so much shit all night that It didn't surprise me too much, I thought it was just bark or leaves that had fallen and I was seeing it all messed .The next day when I went by It turned out they were streamers from some party or something. I couldn't beleive that I had just accepted them and regular!
Finally I got home at 2:00ish, Right as my house came into view I realised that I didn't have my keys. My friend had taken them so I wouldn't drive. I had to navagate my way through all the jusk in the shed thats attached to the house and get the spare key in pitch black without waking my dad who is the lightest sleeper in the world, I was in no state to talk to him yet, but somehow i finally managed to do it!
When I got To my room the first thing I saw was my mirror I looked so hilarious like a cartoon troll or something, and a picasso painting. My eyes were still fuckin huge saucers. I was so damn pooched from the journey I went right to bed. My thoughts were still flyin all over the place hella fast so I didn't sleep till like 3 but damn, It was worth it!

"If playing with fireworks on mush isn't a good idea then im not sure what is"
Happy Trippin!

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