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Zoom a Shroom!

Well, I was once again at the point of no return, having taken about 1/2 gram of P.

Well, I was once again at the point of no return, having taken about 1/2 gram of P. Cya. What I love about mushrooms is no matter how much you try and duplicate the set and setting, every trip is radically different from the others that preceeded it.

This time I was with a friend at my apartment. Both of us are accomplished mushroom men and we took the fungus and kicked back on the couch waiting for the road signs to read "Shroomsville ahead - Population just YOU!"

To heighten the experience I put on some killer Paul Oakenfold compilations. His "Tranceport" and "Travelling" CD are great trip music!

As expected this was not to be like any other trip I had been on. When the high hit I was still totally focused and was capable of carrying on a very lucid conversation. The music was almost euphoric and I would squeal with pleasure. The dark setting and candles just added to the wonderful atmosphere. My friend and I just got more and more "high" with each passing song. I have never felt such power in music!

This trip was not to be an inner journey to my core spirit or a warped walked down the mushroom path. It was a gift that needed no unwrapping. I will likely never hear music so clearly or beautifully again. As we were ascending back to Earth I put on a compilation of Enya's best. It was glorious to hear her voice soar over our heads! She is truly a gift from God! What a voice!

I never wanted it to end. The power of music now had me enraptured. As with all great things, it slowly faded and disappeared, leaving me with a memory that couldn't quite touch the divinity of what I had heard.

I am not sure what mushrooms do to one's brain, but it must stimulate that other 90+% we don't use. I truly believe that mushrooms are a gift from God. It is his phone number if you will. I think mushrooms connect us to the deepest beauty of our Earth. Glory to the MUSHROOM!

Thank you all for reading, and I hope your dreams become reality through the divine inebrient :)

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