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After this past summer of going to shows (dead related) and smoking only organics i decided it was time to reenter the world of psychedelics and to get deeper/farther/higher.

After this past summer of going to shows (dead related) and smoking only organics i decided it was time to reenter the world of psychedelics and to get deeper/farther/higher. It had been about 15 years since i had indulged in hallucagens although prior to those 15 years id probably tripped hundreds of times. Tripping is like rock climbing for me (exhilarating and inspiring) - even if youve been to the top of the mountain many years ago its still wise to check it out slowly.

A nice long weekend with lots of friends, camping and listening to good music seemed an appropriate place for my reentry. It was about 9 pm, we ate fresh mushrooms that my friends with me had grown. The first time i ate mushrooms that were grown and given to me by friends and the first time ever they were just a few hours from their harvest. First i ate two medium sized ones and after a half hour ate two more.

We are in the venue where the music was very good. I usually dance, dance, dance. But i just couldnt get into dancing - seemed a little strange. The other folks there began to look a bit warmly colored and their silouettes became vibrant. If I closed my eyes the visuals were immaculate and very beautiful but i wasnt comfortable I was feeling COLD. I thot i should be feeling warmer. It was a cool evening but not really cold - well i couldnt get warm and blankets and coats did no good.

I became more aware of my physical self and realized I was indeed tired, cold, and very high and i belonged in a nice warm bed with really good music on. So my friends - who are true friends - and were a bit tired themselves walked me back to my tent.

I climbed in and welcomed the peacefulness there. After an hour of trying to get the tent right - things in order - which was actually fun because everything was colorful and warm and i realized almost immediately upon ziping up the tent that i was WARM.

I put on some wonderful music - music that goes someplace - and had those little ear plug speakers phones so i knew the music was not an intrusion on anyone else. I got in comfortable sleeping clothes, climbed in my sleeping bag and closed my eyes.

Beautiful designs flowed into even more beautiful and peaceful designs. The colors were soft and had much soft white and pale yellows. The designes became more and more mandala like and then in the middle of soft white light was a deity - I think maybe Quan Yin - but im not sure. I was enveloped with a feeling of comfort and reaffirmation of the truths that had guided my life for so long. I felt welcomed home again after a long soujourn.

By this time it is about 3am. I drifted in this state, satiating myself in all this love and comfort until i drifted off to sleep.

The only real trial i was faced with - was turning some very negative conversations in the camp ground that i could not avoid hearing in the tent into something that was good. I intellectually remembered this concept but hadnt had to actually do it in many years.

I was blessed with a reminder from the cosmic soul that "all is good" and if any part is not then a good trip cannot be had sooooo I envisioned the same soft comfort and light that was around me to extend far beyond myself and especially to the folks who were having the disturbing and angry disagreemnt. They did quiet down.

Also a funny little thing happened while we were still at the music. A dancer had a hoola hoop and was monopolizing the less than sufficient dance space and whopping anyone who came to close with the hoola hoop. Perhaps this is why i didnt want to dance - it looked dangerous. Anyhow I mentioned to one of my friends that i wish the hoola hoop would go away. Within a moment another dancer approached the hoola hoop person and they embraced and the hoola hoop fell to the ground and then two people who i had never seen before walked up and took the hoola hoopa away - i mean away - right out of the dance area.

I loved the whole trip and cant wait to do it again! And next time i would love to be able to dance, dance, dance and feel comfortable in a more gregarious space. But i gotta remember - baby steps, baby steps -

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