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WTF! Am I Bleeding!?

On a friday I decided to trip with 5 of my friends, lets call them A, B, G, N, and R, (Dont worry I wont confuse you to much with all these letters) So we get our shit, I belive we picked up a Half all together.

On a friday I decided to trip with 5 of my friends, lets call them A, B, G, N, and R, (Dont worry I wont confuse you to much with all these letters) So we get our shit, I belive we picked up a Half all together. I ate 4 g's in total rating this trip at a 3. A had 2 g's, B had 3.5, G only had 1.5 I belive, N had 3 and R had 3g's also. Our plan was to eat the mush and trip out at R's dad's house. His dad had been away so it was an empty house. When I got there I decided I would check the place out to see what enviroment I was gonna trip in, you know, get comfortable with my setting. His dad is a hunter so he had a gun rack with a bunch of cool guns, some deer heads and such and this huge real bear skin with a head hanging on the wall. This bear was really trippy once the mush kicked in. So at about 3:00 I eat my mush and chased it with some oj. I then go and sit upstairs in the den in this really relaxing chair gleeming at this bear. I knew before hand I would have problems with this bear hanging up there so I looked at it and was pondering how he felt just sitting there. At T+15 min. I feel the mush kicking in. The twisting of the stomach and the nervousness of what is about to come. Where I was sitting there was this huge nice wall unit right in front of me about 4 metres away. At about T+30 min. It began to wave back and forth like the "dreaming secquence" on a T.V. show. This really tripped me out for a good while. About 10 min. had passed and I knew it was time to look over at the bear. I glance over and see this surfer in the bears fur. He was just sitting there on the beach with his surf board close by. He was giving me the "hang loose" sign which I thought was cool. Here is this dude inside of this bear fur all cool with himself. This was good for my come up for I have a tense time throught the the come up. This surfer made me feel exsceptince with my self and made me feel happy for what was coming. Our sitter, I will call him L asked if I wanted to go with him to the store, I hoped up and said "Hella yeah!" but almost feel because I had been sitting and got the biggest rush when I rose the my feet. Very cool feeling. So we head off the the store where I am in no shape to go into. On the way there out of nowhere I scream "Chompy Chomps! What! Chompy Chomps!" L looks over at me like I'm on crack and says "Chompy Chomps!" right after I said it. He has tripped before so he knew how to really trip me out, which he did because it was like he knew what I was talking about but he really didn't.

So we arrive back at the house and it appred as no one was really tripping, just me. So we are all sitting in the den area again and for some reason I'm laying on the ground with a pillow for a head rest. I remember saying to all my friends when doing this "Yep, this will work." They all asked me what worked but I only answered with blurbs of words. Now this part really fucked me up. I was laying on this pillow and had glanced down onto the pillow and belive it or not it had a picture of the exact bear on the wall, well what looked to be at leaste. All I knew is that this bear had gotten from the wall to the pillow and I thought he was following me or something. So I looked up at the wall and the bear was still there. I just assumed that the bear on the pillow was his cousin or something to get my mind off of the subject. Upon further examination of this pillow I noticed that there was this blood stain whiched looked fresh. I immeditly sat up and started to cheack my clothes, arms and face to see if I was bleeding because I didn't want to bleed on R dad's nice white rug. So im looking for red spots on the floor and I rub my nose. It was cold out when we went to the store so I must have had a running nose because when I rubbed my nose I felt liquid. This for sure tripped me out good, I began to see red spots on his rug and I blurted out to everyone "Am I bleeding!?" they all replied no and again asked, "Are you sure, am I bleeding, the bear!" A said to me, "The bear is fine." I replied "Ok, the bear is fine" and layed back down on the pillow because that felt like the right thing to do.

About a half an hour of laying there I decide that it was time to journey throught his house. I made my way through all the rooms and ocasionally was heard screaming words here and there like "Wow!" and "What the fuck, what!" I made my way to the bathroom and felt a warm breeze coming from the ground. I got down on my knees and looked around only to find the vent blowing warm air from the heater downstairs in the basement. But to me I thought someone was stuck in there and I had to rescue them. So I bursted out of the bathroom screaming "save him, save him" B had asked me "Save who?" but I kept running and booked downstairs. The whole time since I droped the mush till I left the house I kept saying "I have to find it" have to find what? I never found what I was looking for in that dudes house but I sure looked hard. After realising that there was nothing in the vents I came back up to the den and just kinda chilled and tripped out on some crazy anime (japan cartoons) There was this one though that stuck with me, Its a show about humans in robots that fight each other. These robots were really big and it was very neat to watch plus it made no sence, I couldn't follow what any of the characters where saying, just understode the fights, which were awesome. I later watched the show while not trippin balls and found out that it is a really dumb show when your sober. We decided to leave the house and head back to our neibourhood before heading out for the night. I started coming down about 7:30 that night and just chilled and smoked some kind bud. If felt very replentished (sp) after my exsperience. I remeber riding in my friends car later that night with some good techno blaring and having the feeling of overwhelming joy, It felt awesome. As for my other friends who tripped I just got stories from them of what I was doing, they said following me and watching all the dumb shit I was doing was damn trippy on its own. I will trip again and will agian up the dose of my trip like I have been doing ever since I started mush. peace and take it easy. Oh and there are all these fucking "" throught the damn report so please exscuse them oh and Im a bad speller so sorry for that too, ha!

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