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wowwww... (1st trip)

Here's the story of my first trip.

Here's the story of my first trip. A little long, but amusing notheless.

We ate a light dinner on the way down to NC around 5:00. We got settled in at the house around 11:30 p.m. Split the oz. of dried mushies in thirds and then in thirds again. Made tea, grabbed some lawn chairs and went to watch the river. Lovely Boyfriend (LB) got three bananas---one for each of us--and we all ate 'em and tossed the peels in the river. (This is LB's little shroom ritual: bananas) I was absolutely facinated by the ripple effect the peels had left in the water, then realized that the stars all had multi-colored rings around them and were moving back and forth...whooo boy. We watched the neighbor's boat come in, and I swore it was the Beatles' 'Yellow Submarine'. The boat was completely silent, and the three of us just watched it come in, slack-jawed and laughing. "Wowwwww..."

I was shivering pretty badly and told LB I was freezing. "No, you're not," he said with this big smile. "Pre-trip anxiety" was his declaration. Oh. Okay. As soon as he told me I wasn't cold, I was okay. I had one huge shiver and asked him if there were palm trees in North Carolina, because there were some on my left. There was also a castle in between the houses. He laughed.

"Don't look over there anymore," he advised.
"I'm not ready for that much fun yet," I agreed.

Then the boys got beers and starting running around inside, so I took a walk down alongside the river, holding the orange I had brought out there to eat earlier. Yup, the orange and I had ourselves a little pilgramage. I was contemplating all sorts of things. "Things are either nature made or man made, but people are both!" was one of my "AHA!" moments. Another was when the boys came outside, and I could 'see' the lines of interconnection between us, why Best Friend (BF) might think LB was spending too much time with me or vice versa. It finally dawned on me that we were still the same people we had been an hour (only an hour???!?) ago. We sat and giggled about the idea that if the house burned down, there wasn't a damn thing we could do about it.

We found LB's digital video camera and started playing with the effects on that for a while. BF watched his car glowing in the light for a while, espousing on how great it was. By this point, things were getting a little hairy for me. Both LB and BF looked blue, and at one point, half of BF's face was made of arrows. But it never got to me, I was just thinking "Okay, BF is made of arrows. Sure. Whatever."

Then we decided it was CD time, but all the CDs were in the car, and the car keys were...nowhere to be found. So off we went on an adventure to find the keys. We knew it was next to impossible, three giggling idiots trying to find a black VW key in a backyard at night.

"Might as well have burned the house down."

But off we went anyway...and all of us kept getting distracted from our adventure. The grass looked like it was glowing, or we were walking on a sea of chronic, the mini-lighthouse next door tuned on, etc. I convinced myself I had Jedi powers and could ward off the weirder things around me by waving my hand at them. And it worked, mostly.

I went inside to go to the bathroom (my first voyage inside since I had started the trip) and discovered a whole new world. The bathroom mirror was, indeed, a bad thing, as I had been warned. The toilet didn't want to let me go for a while, but then I heard whoops of delight outside, which finally motivated me off the can. They had found the keys and were cheering...

I lost some time in there somewhere, but next thing I remember, the guys were sitting up in a low-hanging brach of a tree. I videotaped them for a while, then decided to climb up there with them. WE ate some Starburst candy (which were very difficult to figure out how to open) After about half an hour up there, I realized I was dirty, cold, and uncomfortable, so we all got down. We had more bananas, (except mine wouldn't open, and then I thought it was melting all over my hand) and spun around in the field for a while. BF wanted to drink more tea, so LB went inside to start some, then BF passed out for a minute and was sweating profusely. All we would do for a minute was look at him and say "Hmm." It seemed like a while before I figured out we needed to change the CD. BF perked right up again, much to our relief.

I went and took a shower...which was the BEST part of the whole trip. Swirling shampoo around in my hand to make pictures, figuring out how soap worked, spitting water from the faucet like I was a fountain, etc. No way to describe it except childlike and giddy. Then I convinced the boys each of them had to go shower, I wrapped up in a blanket and my PJ's and sat on the heating vent with a pillow. We all laid out in the dark and put DJ Krush on, and I was seeing really cool colors as a CEV. Finally, we went to sleep at about 5 a.m.

The next night we had more tea, but just got giggly and loopy, nothing as intense as the night before. Probably more of a level 1 trip. We credited it to too much food for dinner and the wildness of the previous night, and just plunked down and watched a movie.

After a while, I felt more like I was floating than anything else. I did get a kick out of the light filtering through a multi-colored quilt, plus just laying around having LB rub my back was very nice. Almost like a very gentle E-roll.

An altogether wonderful experience....and thanks to everyone for their advice. Of course, instead of eating my orange, I talked to it, and instead of eating my soup, I stared at the can, but hey---maybe next time!

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