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Wow... first trip

This was a really strong trip for my first time, a hard Level 3, peaking pretty good into 4.

This was a really strong trip for my first time, a hard Level 3, peaking pretty good into 4.

This was with a group of friends who had all done it before; I was the only first-timer. We had boiled about 60-70 caps in a sleeve until the liquid was almost black, then threw in some Kool-Aid for taste before we bottomsed-up. The thing is, I accidentally swapped cups with someone else, ending up with 50% more than everyone else!

Because of the amount I had, I started to worry about tripping bad, which of course since I was thinking about it, it made me trip bad on the way up to peak. We had gone outside and looked up at the trees and shadows, and it was quite entertaining until they seemed to reach down and try to grab me. Then after I freaked and ran inside, the carpet seemed to write with snakes that kept reaching up for me.

After I got calmed down, then I peaked. This is where I lost all concept of time. I can remember everything that happened that night, but I can't tell you in what order anything happened. There was no cause and effect.

I remember sitting with one of my friends on top of the fridge, and looking down on the subjects of the apartment,

I remember laying on the floor staring up at a ceiling-hanging and being very entertained,

I remember getting lost looking into a yellow construction strobe light,

I now know why red lights are a bad idea: I got distracted by a red bulb in the kitchen, and that's when it seemed to morph and dance around. It wasn't bad, just... disconcerting to have already red light "try" to shift through purple and still be red...... gah, confusing.

As I came down, it was like I was assaulted with words, putting together a poem. Now I'm not a creative kinda guy; I might write something once every 2-3 years, but this was just unreal the way my thought patterns worked. I remembered every word of it the next morning, and immediately wrote it down:

(Text looks muuuuch better centered - it actually has a form to it)


Sitting in semi-consciousness
Watching time not fly by
An hour feels like two seconds
As two seconds feels like an hour
The fourth dimension warps
And the flow of time stops
As four hours merge together
One moment inseparable from the next
Sitting, watching my train of thought
Spiral downward into oblivion
And lose understanding
Of what is going on.
I fear waking up tomorrow
And forgetting what this means

Pretty fun, eh?

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