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Ok here's how it went.

Ok here's how it went. My exboyfriend and I decide to hide out on a beatiful Sunday and eat some shrooms. We munched them down with omelets, bacon, and OJ. Didn't taste bad at all. About 20 minutes later, while watching "How to lose a guy in 10 days", we starting cracking up, I mean you can't stop laughing no matter how hard you try to be serious. The rooms in the house looked clean and neat, almost untouchable. The laughter continued for about 2 hours or so then my ex started freaking out. He was going from window to window in his house saying things like, "we can't get out, we're stuck". We kept going out on the front porch, in & out, in & out, the neighbors had to have know we were tripping. LOL. Everytime I picked up the same newspaper the word confused? would jump out. To me everything was incredibly colorful and funny. Unfortunately, my ex was having a really bad trip. He explains it as going to a state of unconsciousness where the was no point of return. He said he was living in a modern day hell in total anguish, unable to contact the outside world ever again. I became his mortal enemy. He couldn't look at me or go near me, which made my trip a little confusing, but I just laughed and left him alone. After about 5 hours he started babbling things about "I choose life, I choose life, we fucked up, we fucked up. We can't go back." While he was saying this he looked like a vampire to me. During the trip I called him my little vampire boy.LOL He eventually came back to reality and explained what he had felt. God had showed him that we all have choices in life, and once we make the wrong choice and we deny him, we go to a place of eternal damnation. Never to be able to come back or be in touch with our loved ones. Whether hell is real or a state of unconsciousness that you put yourself in, he said he would never want anyone to experience the terrible vision of eternity in hell. 5 hours after his trip he is a completely different person. We flushed down the toilet $200.00 worth of shrooms and then took turns pissing on them. My ex now charishes the simple things in life like taking a walk, snuggling in bed, eating, talking to his children. He is convinced that he almost didn't make it back. He said he will never touch shrooms again but is greatful for the experience that has taught him to cherish life.

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