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Wow. I had some good shrooms, I had just taken the last bite when my speech began slurring. My boyfriend and I had planned to attend the Wizard of Oz and listen to Pink Floyd. As I entered the theater and took a seat on the back row, the red velvet curtains began turning into demons flying towards me. I kept seeing the door open behind me and a man walk through and stop. Then the colors came. I saw everything in four color transparencies, like a newspaper picture that wasn't laid right. Anything I wanted to see I could. I began seeing everything with a digital overlay on top. A bunch of tiny rows of numbers made up everything. Then I began morphing my hand together with my boyfriend's hand. Everytime I put my head phones on with Pink Floyd, I would get scared. Then Dorothy started talking to me. I decided we couldn't handle the theater, so my boyfriend, who hadn't eaten as much as I, drove us home.

At home we laid on his bed for four hours. I had so many thoughts but my mind wouldn't relay them to my mouth. All I could say is how much I hated time. The colors were beautiful. All of the paintings in his room came to life. I never wanted to go back to reality.

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