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this was my second mushroom experience, both in "short" doses.

this was my second mushroom experience, both in "short" doses..., this time i didnt have food in the whole day and not much in the last two days either ...so "the best pot for the recepy"!!! ...my friend had this home-grown mazatapec/mexican. i had a bit and the effect started so quick, as i didnt have food. first the colours started becoming 'especial', and a light sense of spatial confusion with self awarenes. My friend and my didnt move from chair/bench in the bar of this art/institution we meet during hte tripping. i trust him and he become the "guide". [his voice more than 'him'] the colors: very strong [specially the reds], the cromatic pigmentation and shape of hte skin[hands faces of me and my mate] started to change into kind of "reptil/chicken" [...scary, his voice was the only thing related to our regular dimension] ...he was a reptil but i was scare that that was too much as i didnt have that many dose. THE way to explain my deimensional distorsion was MATRIX [i know its a bit shitty ...but the best way, sorry] i went to another sensorial dimension, ... I have done drugs before, but this is really different, this is serious travelling without hte need to move! i alucinated that nobody seam to notice that we were high, ...i think is because it was not a jajajaja trip but sensorial distorsion of reality or dimentions ...you know what i mean? they are call MAZATAPEC

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