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World Brain

I went to tuscon with a bunch of my freinds and we all decided to try E.

I went to tuscon with a bunch of my freinds and we all decided to try E. Ive never done this before so Mycal, my good freind, says i can have the "shake" powder at the bottom of the bag.
We all take the E and go to this movie theatre to see "Mystery Men" and we all sit down and wait for it to kick in. During the wait we realise that the movies not starting. there was something wrong with the power and we were all gonna have to wait about an hour. WE figured its cool, we'd get our money back and wed be rolling by the time it started.
So here we all are, this big gruop of teenagers huddled in a bunch hugging, laughing and singing Sublime songs to pass the ever so joyful time. The movie started and i couldnt get into it so me and Joe the Bitch went out to play in the arcade. The games were awesome! ive never had so much fun in my life with video games... Ski Ball was freaky as fuck, we were all apologizing for scoring on each other, heh.
So the movie finally ends and they come out to find us coming down from the stairs where the film is kept. It said "Film Room" so we figured that employees couldnt even go inside there.
I felt soooo energetic though! i was jumping around with my freind Carlos re=inacting the battle scene with obi-wan and Darth Maul. We got outside and i strted climbing the trees and jumping around making wierd animal noises. I was rolling HARD.
We ended up going to Barteks truck and getting the shrooms out... Mycal ended up munching most of the bag and pissing me and Bartek off... but we were rollin so we forgive awful fast.
So me and BArtek split the shrooms and started walking the streets. we ended up getting in teh back of teh truck with Joe the BItch and laying down waiting to go under over passes... which we did a lot, and it freaked us out.
We started to feel "shroomy" while we were laying down when i noticed something.... there was a type of membrane forming in the air. I thought it was light reflecting off my eyes into my feild of vision, so i saw my blood vessals, but then i realised it was a wavy layer of "veiny" or "brain-like" substance... I was seeing the collective consousness of the whole world!
I told bartek and he saw it too, he wondered what the hell it was until i told him... we agreed that we were witnessing the minds of the people made manifest. it would go away periodically, leaving us to the tracers from the street lights, but it always came back.
We began to talk about how everyone was connected, and that were just taught to be seperate from an early age, and that we could all be One again, eventually, when we die, or get enlightened.
We then began to talk about the nature of shrooms. How they were "earthier" than acid, and how you felt connected to nature more, drawn to the outside. Joe the Bitch tried to throw his two cents in but we didnt let him because he just didnt understand... he couldnt grasp it, he wasnt shrooming. He was in Synth Mode, still tripping on the E. A totally different world.
So we stop at a circle K all feeling earthy and peacey. i wander to the street where some teenagers were ina car waiting for the light. i asked em what was up and the were like "whatchoo talking bout beetch"... So i told them i was on shrooms and they were like "Cool maan! Sheeit, you got any more bra?" and i made some new freinds.
I then proceeded to go into the restrooms, and turn out the lights. i sat on the floor and almost got scared, i couldnt see anything... but i realised that im never in danger, so i sat there and studied my voice. I screamed and wailed, made sounds and grunts, and there in the darkness, i could see my voice, flowing out before me.
It was amazing. My sounds just swirled around making shapes, that coincided with the tone and pitch, i found i could create things by experimenting with different sounds and notes and how long they were done. i made the walls around me burst with sound, even thuogh i couldnt see the walls, i could see the sound exploding them... i was screaming at the top of my lungs, and everything was bursting!
Just then Mycal came in and dragged me off the floor and out into the truck, he said that i had freaked teh store manager out and that we had to leave... shitty.
So we wind the night down by going to the top of mount lemon and looking for shooting stars. we smoked so much pot before we went to bed that i almost puked. After a little smoking i decide i wanted to go explore, so i walked into the desert alone and found a stream... i ran back to tell them and found that i was lost! I started seeing the membrane again, ehich was wierd because i hadnt been tripping at all recently. I screamed for them to get me and they did. I felt like an idiot :).
We roled a nickel into a spliff and shotgunned it into the sleeping throat of bartek until he was coughing in his sleep. Then we all crashed in the most uncomfortable positions we could find. We had fun.



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