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I had never tried shrooms before, but my friend's and I picked a bunch out of the landscaped areas on our campus, so I decided to give it a go.

I had never tried shrooms before, but my friend's and I picked a bunch out of the landscaped areas on our campus, so I decided to give it a go. Took about 4-5 medium sized caps. Yeah, it was a pretty scientific measurement... After I chewed em down (not as gross as people tell me) I went back to my room and chilled out, talking to my friend on instant messenger. I was feeling a little funny, like something was sneaking up on me, but I wasn't sure what to expect yet.

Then I had my first hallucination... I was chatting with my friend, and all of a sudden I just thought to myself, "Damn, that's the biggest word I've ever typed." and I just kept on typing, but a second later I did a double take and thought, "now that doesn't make any sense" I just kept typing away and noticed that the words were all varying sizes and constantly changing. I also started to notice objects in my periphery were moving around slightly. I looked at my window curtains and ther horizontal lines on them started flowing around. At this point I figured I should go and find something cooler to look at, so I went out to my friend's room.

The hallways were pretty exciting in themselves, the walls were breathing deep breaths, and if I stood still the halls would start to wind and twist... they were also ungodly long looking, and my perception of time had taken a hit, so I had no idea how long it was taking me to get to her room. I came to the conclusion that if I counted my steps I would have some kind of idea how far I had walked. It wasn't near as far as it seemed.

Anyway, I got to her room and had a seat, I had heard good things about a flower print rug she has on her floor, so I started staring away. My friend told me that he sees the flowers move etc, but that wasn't happening. First, the colors became extremely vibrant, and then the plants themselves started to grow, right before my eyes. It was fucking awesome. I watched that for awhile, then leaned back into the chair. The second I leaned back all of the growth started to reverse, but not only that, everything in the room seemed to be going blank, and the room was fading to black from above. It seemed like the world was about to end, and I was ready for it, but then at the last second someone pressed pause and there I was. It was as though the world was about to rip apart, but it froze just before it happened, and I was in that state for about 20 minutes. I decided to split from that room and see what else I could happen upon.

I went down to my friend's room, and he was having a ridiculous argument with someone from a room near him. They were yelling stupid insults and throwing nurf balls and shit at eachother. I think normally I would have found this to be pointless, but in my state at the time it was even more insane. It was like I had stepped outside of conflict, and since I wasn't a participant in the world where conflict existed, it made no sense that these two were fighting. Also I felt barraged by there emotions. I definately got a feel for how someone could have a bad trip... they were making me uncomfortable in a way that I'd never even experienced before. I left that area and went into a diffierent room.

At this point everyone decided that they would offer their input on something "cool" for me to look at. The problem (for me) it seemed was that things that look really cool sober are completely lame on shrooms. They were pulling up winamp visualizations and magic eye books and all that garbage, and I was just trying so hard to explain it, but they wouldn't get it. Finally I explained it like this: When you are sober and you look at those cool looking things it is actually like you are looking through a window into a world where everything is amazing and makes no sense. When you take shrooms, it transports you there. So once you are there, why would you want to look at the winamp bullshit? you're standing right next to it, it's all around you. The other thing about my perspective that I noticed was that it wasn't really MY perspective any more... it was so bizarre and detached from reality that I found myself as simply an observer to whatever this state wanted to show me. All in all an amazing concept to experience.

So after they gave up on amazing me with that garbage, I stared at the tiles on the floor for awhile. They are white with black dots... and all of a sudden the dots started to move around and form into lines, and pulse around throught these veins. Once it had fully developed, it was like the floor was glass pressed right up against the cross section of this huge monsters body, and I could see his black and white blood flowing around. That was fascinating for a while, but again I decided to go off in search of more fun. I didn't get past the door back into the hallway though, because the width of the hall had become a massive expanse, so large that I had to stop and marvel at it.

My friend's wondered what was up, so I explained to them that the hall was unbelievably wide. When they asked me how wide I tried to put it into words, "It's... friggin huge... it's gotta be like... at least... 5 feet across..." then I thought wait a second, that doesnt make any sense, that's normal... that was when I realized that logical ways of measuring things ceased to work in any way. I asked my friend what time it was and he told me 1am. I thought, whoa, that's weird. He asked me what time I thought it was but all I could think to say was a david cross joke and responded, "50 bliglock." Then I realized that no matter what I responded it wouldnt make sense, I had no concept of time... 1:30am made about as much sense as responding, "banana." All of the logical systems we use to interpret the world were completely useless.

I went out onto a balcony to stare at the trees for awhile, and they were insane.. Growing and breathing and melting and twisting, all at the same time, then when I stared at the leaves for awhile everything went black but the shapes of the leaves, so all I could see was these geometric shapes, then they fragmented into a million pieces and it looked like I was looking down on city lights.. I blinked and that was all done with, so I packed up and moved on. I made it to a spot in the building where everyone was drunk... they were all interested in hearing what it was like, so I sat down and told them my story of the night. A friend of mine recorded it on a digital voice recorder. I was very surprised when I listened to it to find that I was completely logical and coherent in my explanations of the things I experienced. While I was explaining the experience to them I kept getting distracted because peoples sizes were changing every Time I blinked. One second my friend (who is 6'3) would look 2 feet tall, then 10 feet tall. (in sober terms) So we all had a good laugh about that. When I finished my tale everyone was about ready for bed, so I went up to my room to listen to music.

I was in bed listening to music for awhile, then I opened my eyes and my room was REALLY bright.. I mean, for not having the lights off, I could see everything. Then I realized that it was because my eyes were so dialated, the light on the front of my computer was illuminating the whole room. As I lay in bed listening to music and watching geometric shapes in my head I became aware of an interesteing phenomenon, my thoughts were completely incoherent. Only after an idea was fully developed would I see it for what it was, utterly ridiculous. Examples that I remember, "Wow.. I'm a brick path... with a sewer grate on my chest." or "Think if what would happen to the economy if I was beheaded in a beer commercial."

So, I just sat there, chilling out and indulging ridiculous ideas until I fell asleep. The next morning I felt like a million bucks. When I was a kid I always thought it would be amazing if a land like Wonderland or Oz really existed, and I can't help but feel like I was there. It was the most unique, bizarre experience of my life.

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