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10st, m,17.

10st, m,17.
I had used Ecstasy (MDMA) the night before, no noticeable come down.
30g mail-ordered fresh Mexican Psilocybin C Mushrooms
Eaten straight fom packet
Consumed at roughly 10.45 am
I took a packet of cigarettes, orange juice
Derbyshire, England

There is me, O, mate and fiend.

The were four of us and we each ate 30g of mushrooms. We ate them in my mates house in the morning. It was a lovely sunny day (rare over here) in the early spring. We had all had them before except one of us -O.

30 mins after eating we started getting excited and felt full of energy. Me and my friend stared pretending to fight like animals and we pulled crazy faces at each other while climbing on the table. We stopped soon because we knew what we were doing. O who had eaten roughly 20g looked a bit nervous and seemed apprehensive.

We left friends house at about 11.30am. Freinds house is in a reasonably wealthy village. Main road goes through it. We were walking on the main road and my phone rang. When i picked up the phone it seemed surreal. It was my friend A seeing what i was doing. I told him. When i responded i spoke at varying paces and used slightly unusual words. A laughed. I said, "I'm going to wave at this man on a bike."

I waved to the stranger and smiled in an odd way. I think he frowned at me but im not sure.

"That man thinks im evil, am i evil? im not evil!" (probable loss of ego)
A- "Your not evil, ur on shrooms"

Our intention was to catch the bus and go to a large park up the road. We didnt feel up to catching a bus because we didnt like the idea of being in a small vehicle with lots of strangers looking at us -probable paranoia. We chose to go somewhere else just as good if not better.

We were headed to the top of a large hill which overlooks the valley. Thats funny, it goes hazy here.

There is a golf course on the hill. We lauged at some of the golfers practicing their swing. We were all really positive, including O. We were full of life.

We sat near the top of the hill at roughly 12.15pm. Increadable view. facing south and the sun. Could see in whole valley approximately for 15km+. Many settlements. We sat there for a very long time.

During, i meditated. I was thinking about the far-east, a place ive never been. I felt i could stand, move, speak, think and act as an oriental. I could even swap between being Chinese and Japanese. This was an increadable experience. I felt totally at peace and felt an increadable conection with the universe.

I feel that these feelings of love, empathy and understanding were enhanced by the Ecstasy id had the night before. I felt very loved up. It felt like Shrooms to pills 8/2. I was very suprised to feel like this.

My mates mum rang him. He was at a very high point. he was lain down and was extremely relaxed talking to his mum. She heard me doing impressions and asked mate if i was on something. She eventually said, "Well in the eyes of sociey, what you are doing is wrong." (but she was fine)

We all giggled a lot, especially O. Me and friend had huge sticks wed found and were playing with them like swords.

I lay on the earth and felt a real connection with all things natural. I bit my tongue and it bled a bit. We were all gurning. But different to amphetamine gurning.

My skin went very sensitive and i felt increadably comfortable.

Im not gay and neither are my friends.. On two separate occasions me and my mate stared into each others eyes in absolute wonder. Me and O did the same but me and O were closer and it was more the whole face.

O said i, "Look really fine." (very strange to come out of a lad especially him, this should demonstrate how powerful these drugs are)

Friend and O left to go to the village but me and mate stayed on the hill. We had moved up and were on an anchient roman road. With anchient looking trees. We could see for miles around and now the other side of the hill.

We watched the sunset and watched all the streets lights, house and car etc lights turn on in the whole valley. We sat and watched. It was AMAZING.

We argued almost violently over a cigarette which we ended up breaking. I dont think wed ever have harmed each other but it felt vey powerful. More chance of violence on alcohol than magic mushrooms id say though it is possible.

Went home at roughly 10.45pm by bus. Very tired. Just fully come down. Thoughtful and definately not talkative. Felt peaceful and wiser.

Went on MSN and was incable of typing normal things ie chit chat wot u up to etc.

One of the best days of my life.

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