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Alright where to start well ill start where we got our shrooms.

Alright where to start well ill start where we got our shrooms.
This is with me and my friends Matt Danny Devon and Caylen,and me(Dylan)
Well we ate our shrooms and decided to go for a walk 15 mins by and a few of us started to get sum smiles but nothing big. We went to a tree-park and just smoked a bowl or two and started walking back . it was prolly about 45 mins since we ate them and i definately started to feel them. Walking back on the river road dyke was amazing. The water was just swirling with diff colors and the people staring at us creeped me out.
we got closer to the church which was about 4 blocks away and i was feeling good but devon ( it was his first time) started asking dumb questions.
So we were going to go into town at the Food Mart.
Well half way into town i was on a big high. And i started trippin bad i kept thinking any1 i could see was just staring at me so i had to leave. Me and matt went and sat on a picnic table and i was just blabbering about retarded things. All the questions in my head were just overwhelming and i wouldnt shut up but we hurried back. On the way back there is this bridge(just a wooden bridge, for walking purposes and biking etc...) Well all 5 of us met up again and started to shake it sideways, it was fricken weird because i would look around and the world was shaking with me and i felt one with the air like i was the air. but the plan was to watch Alice in wonderland at my house and trip out there.
When we finally got back to my house we just turned it on right away and started to watch Alice in wonderland. ( a quarter way threw and i was fucking freaking) I thought i was a spirit and i needed to leave my body and i went to lay down in my bed, when i close my eyes all i could see was people starin at me with kaledio scope eyes swirling around. and i couldnt stand all the questions. everything was just shooting at me and i left my bed to go back to the living room to see caylen and danny laughing histerically at this cat on alice in wonderland who trips u out and see matt laying on the ground saying i dont know and everything was new to him.
Devon was just laying there eating food and trippin balls.
Then it got worse. the walls were changing colors and i would stare into a mirror and talk to my self in my head. By now i wanted it to end, my brain was throbbin continuously and it wouldnt stop.
me and devon then went for a walk at bout 1 am and returned at 3 am to find matt watching the movie for the third time , caylen went home and danny passed out.

(all of the night wasnt put in here due to lack or memory) ahhaa i really wish i coulda wrote the whole thing of how i felt but its impossible.)


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