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My friends were all talking about shrooms alot but the only thing I had ever done was smoke bud and drink.

My friends were all talking about shrooms alot but the only thing I had ever done was smoke bud and drink. I bought an 1/8 of shrooms from my friend Matt on friday afternoon. He gave them to me and I ate one stem and one cap to test out the power of the shrooms.

You CAN'T do that. I felt a little wierd and then I was back to normal. You must take the full dose. It's like testing out how good a candy bar is by eating a piece of the wrapper. Anyways my friend Chris and Brandon came over and he said that it was barely enough for one person so I ate the whole eigth right there. About half an hour later I started getting excited. I was seeing tiny rainbows and I was really hyper. Jumping up and down and talking alot. Just laughing back and forth with my mom, Chris and brandon.

Then we decided to goto a party. My dad drove and as he did I was talking to him saying the dumbest shit. I told my self to shutup or he's gonna think somethings up but he didn't notice anything(I THINK).

We arrived about a block from the party and met up with Marcos. As we were walking I felt myself start to feel wierd. I had been feeling good but now I was feeling a slightly bad weird. As we were walking through the apartement complex to get to the party I threw twice and since I hadn't eaten anything pure spit came out in large amounts. I was foaming at the mouth, it was pretty cool but I was feeling really bad.

I didn't realize it at the time but I was having a bad trip because of the throwing up or something. I walked up a few flights of stairs before I felt so bad I had to stop. I felt my forehead and it was covered in sweat. I hadn't even noticed I was sweating. I looked at my friends and they 're pupils were huge. I was scared at this point. I sat down i the hallway and curled up into a little ball. I wasn't in any pain at all but my mind was being psychologically tortured. I said that I wanted to die and that I wish I had never been born. I felt so horrible I said I never take shrooms ever again. During this marco went to the party to get some water. He came back with two people, one of them was an experianced shroomer he and marco started telling me it would get really really chill. I didn't believe them but I got up and begin to feel better as we walked the rest of the way to the party. The hallways were breathing it was so crazy. For first time shroomer like myself never having ever hallucinated before seeing walls breathe was a really odd experience and I liked it.

We got to the party and I started talking to this guy I didn't even know. He said congratulations on my shroom trip and the he loved doing shrooms. Then I went outside on the balcony with some guys who told me to pretend I was a surfboard and cruise along the ways. I closed my eyes and imagined an ocean and to my suprise it appeared right in front of my closed eyes. i saw beautiful waves like at Teahupoo Tahiti just breaking along. It was so wonderful I almost cried.

I went back inside and started talking to my friends who wanted to know what I was going through. I told them that I saw awesome rainbows everywhere, the carpet was swirling and that I felt so very mellow and relax. I tried to apologize to my friends who were with me back in the hallway because I said horrible things about my self and shrooms and it was all because I wasn't prepared for the nausea. The nausea totally reversed my trip but I was saved and thank god for that. Having a bad trip is so horrible that I thank my friends all the time for helping to end it and bring me back up again. later on the trip was over and it was OVER. With pot the effects can make you drowsy or lazy for the rest of the day, but with shrooms when it's over, it's over. Verdict: RECOMMENDED, but stay happy even when unexpected things happen.

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