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Woke Up In An Ambulance

This was my third psilocybe mushroom experience, and most likely my last.

This was my third psilocybe mushroom experience, and most likely my last. Previous trips were awesome, exciting, and enlightening experiences. Maybe I'll submit some highlights from these trips in a future submission.

However, this trip was quite different. My first mistake was telling my trip companion, A(a burnt-out individual, to say the least), that I wanted to trip HARDCORE. So we went picking at his favorite local spot, my first time picking too. Thinking back ,I feel I might've picked some that looked different than the ones A showed me(mistake #2). I ended up picking about 80, and he had between 150 and 200 I think.

We went back to his place, and decided that brewing a tea would be the easiest way to take them(I'm not fond of munching them down raw), and we were supposed to split the brew so I'd have a significantly smaller portion. We forgot that part, so I ended up drinking almost as much as A, who was far more experienced with mushrooms than me.

We sat down to watch Once Upon A Time in Mexico, and fairly soon things started to happen: first my face and hands felt very wet, and then the screen started to crawl and go all wierd colors. We were laughing uncontrollably. I made a trip to the bathroom, and spent 10 minutes looking in the mirror. Went back to the movie, A decided it was time for a joint, so we went out to the porch to smoke. I had trouble smoking it 'cause it kept going out and I didn't realize. I think I ended up crushing the j and putting it in my pocket, so A went to roll another one. I went over to the back steps and sat down, getting lost in my own thoughts... A told me to come inside, but I half didn't hear him and half didn't care. I was definatly lost in time... I took out the j I had in my pocket and tried smoking it... At the time, I thought I had a never-ending-joint 'cause I would smoke it, and it would come right back again. I have no idea how long I spent outside, but the darkness of the surrounding trees both terriefied me and beckoned to me... I went inside before I took off, knowing I would become horribly lost in the woods in my messed up state.

There is quite a bit of time missing here... A tells me things that happened here I don't recall. Apparantly I went to his basement and aquired a pocket full of tacks.

I remember next laying on the floor and trying to will myself to sleep, or to just die, because everything was too insanse, I thought my parents(who were hundreds of miles away 'cause I was going to college) would find out and I'd be in trouble, I thought I was going to die... I layed on the couch and tried to go to sleep. A tried giving me a glass of water and I slurped it back, I tried to swim in it. He put mt on the couch but I kept falling to the floor. He tried to pick me up but I wouldn't move. He tried to snap me out of it, he slapped me...

Then he called an ambulance. I sort of recall seeing it pull up, seeing the flashing lights, and thought it was the police, I tried to take off into the woods...

and then I woke up in the ambulance, but had ABSOLUTLY NO IDEA how I got there. I could look around, but I couldn't move( was strapped down, but didn't know) and I couldn't remember how to talk. The ambulance guy was asking me questions, but I couldn't answer. I recall he had HUGE glasses and an even HUGER nose... Then I realized, that even though I couldn't talk, I could read. And I read on his uniform, AMBULANCE so I began mumbling the word ambulance over and over and over and over... then we were in the hospital, I was wheeled down a hall way and put in a little room. They let me off the stretcher, and I asked where the bathroom was. I took a piss, and began wandering around the emergency area. They told me to otg back to my little room, but I asked to use the phone. The nurses, who could obviously tell I was tripping, helped me phone my friend. I was also missing my shoes and my glasses... I asked him what was going on, but he wouldn't say very much... and I couldn't even remember what I did! It slowly became to come back to me... I got put on an IV drip, and they gave me an electrocardiogram, and I hung out in the room for a while. The nurses called me 'thier little mushroom man' when they came to check on me, and were quite nice :) the stretcher in the room was breathing, all the little jars were breathing... I heard someone else coming into the emergency room who was screaming, so I assume there was an accident. After I gave them a urine sample they let me go, and I took a cab back to the Rez. I continued to trip out HARDCORE so I wandered around the building telling everyone my crazy story.

The moral of the lesson? Always be aware of how many shrooms you're taking, anddon't take what you know is too much. And have cab fare handy.

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