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The first time I tripped was the bomb.

The first time I tripped was the bomb. Me and my neighbor went and bought some shrooms and took them back to our complex to weigh them out and ingest. He ate 1.5 and I ate 3.5. About 1.5g too many. Anyway. I don't remember the whole trip, in fact there are parts that I remember but cannot connect. We started tripping in my neighbor's apartment next door. Two people came over who wern't tripping, and I desided to go next door over to my apartment. Man what a great trip. Bright colors of purple and orange followed by a great body high. I was goofy, could not even play videogames without laughing my ass off. I mean completely fucked up. I remember thinking "well I will go downstairs and get my mail". So I managed to walk down 4 flights of stairs to the mailbox, but I dont' remember checking my mail but I just walked out the door to the courtyard outside. I was on a walk. The weirdest thing, I didn't realize that I was on a walk until I found myself right in the middle of the ghetto like 4 blocks down. I suddenly felt the panic. Not knowing why I walked down in this bad neighborhood kinda freaked me out. So I walk back and I notice that everybody is starring at me. I mean everybody. Staring hard. I don't know if they truely were, or if I was tripping, but it freaked me out. I got back to the apartment and tripped hard for a while. After my walk the peak of my high went down and I had a decent trip by myself in the safty of my own apartment where nobody could stare at me.

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