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Willy Wonka

My friend is a hardcore druggy and had done both shrooms and LSD and insisted I take part in the fun.

My friend is a hardcore druggy and had done both shrooms and LSD and insisted I take part in the fun. I’m 16 and had already smoked a fair share of weed and I did some x once, but mushrooms was a whole new experience. I had wanted to do shrooms for quite sometime but could never get a hold of any. Finally one night my friend obtained a ¼ of Psilocybe Cubensis and called me up. When I arrived at his house we walked to a nearby cornfield, smoked a quick bowl and consumed a little less than an eighth each. We walked back to his house and readied ourselves for the night ahead. Around 10, about 45 minutes after consumption, the effects of the magical fungus started to kick in. I was on his computer when he came over and put on the song “The Diary of Horace Wimp” by ELO. If you don’t have it, download it. (very bouncy and upbeat) The song started to get louder and faster and I started to feel very different. I realized this was the strongest drug I had ever taken. As the song progressed, my mind started to drift away into this trance like state. I felt like I wasn’t able to follow or keep up with my drifting mind. Words are hard to describe the effects of the mushrooms. I couldn’t tell if I liked this or not. As I continued to talk to people online, I noticed a hand crawl up and start typing on the keyboard. I couldn’t figure out why there were three hands on the keyboard when there should’ve been just my own 2. Then I heard someone laughing. I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. I thought maybe my mind had created it or that perhaps I actually laughed. I heard it again and turned around to see my friend smiling at me. His face was wiggly as if it was made of jello. I looked down and noticed he was typing on the computer and that the extra hand was his. I thought this was hilarious and laughed for a while. It’s a little fuzzy after that but I remember him putting on feel good inc. by Gorillaz while I was on his sofa chair. I closed my eyes and saw incredibly colorful and detailed images. I saw a windmill made out of rainbows, probably because the words “windmill windmill” are in the song. I saw all sorts of random shapes and colors morph and mix with each other to form patterns and designs. I was astonished at how my mind could create such things. After listening to music and having some crazy closed eye visuals, we went down to his basement to watch some television. We put on MTV and watched the andy milonakis show. The show seemed like it was at least 3 hours long. My ability to conceptualize time was completely warped. As I drifted further and further into the rabbit hole I became more and more confused. The confusion I experienced is beyond words. I couldn’t understand anything. My mind was all over the place and I was thinking of incredibly random things. I could not focus on the television at all. Then the room got really dark as a commercial for the exorcism of Emily rose came on. I was like o fuck change it now! As my friend was struggling for the remote, I heard the voice of the demon girl and it scared the fuck out of me. So I closed my eyes and started talking to myself so I wouldn’t hear it. My friend changed it and we were both very relieved and started laughing. Then we decided to watch Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory to cheer things up. My friends dog (a little poodle named cookie) jumped up on my lap and it was around then that I was in the peak of my trip. I was experiencing complete and utter confusion beyond words. I could not understand why the dog had jumped up on my lap and thought to myself maybe this dog isn’t real. I couldn’t understand why the dog existed. Why anyone or anything existed. This became even more confusing so I closed my eyes and went back into rainbow land. After this things started to cool down and my trip became less intense. Slowly but surely the concept of time became clearer and everything was starting to make sense again. We listened to a little pink floyd and grateful dead and I had some really strange and random closed eye visuals before finally passing out. The next morning I woke up still feeling a little weird and wondering why I was sleeping with socks on my hands. I still can not tell whether I liked it or not. As fun as it may sound I was actually a little nervous. Being nervous on mushrooms is not a lot of fun as one could imagine. I didn’t have a bad trip, but I wouldn’t say it was a very good one. But I look forward to my next experience with a hallucinogen. Advice to first timers: Don’t resist it and think about when it’s going to end. Just enjoy it and let mushrooms take you to the unexplored depths of your mind.

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