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wierdest shit

It was the wierdest stuff i've ever seen and it smelled like shit.

It was the wierdest stuff i've ever seen and it smelled like shit. There we were me and my friend with half a pound of shrooms right in front of us waiting to be eaten. Me and henry had been anxious to try it after hearing aobut all these trips from people so we spent the whole day trying to find some and we finally did, we ended up getting about half a pound and since we never took them before we decided to eat about 3 decent sized ones....two other of my friends kevin and joe were gonna jus smoke out wit da usual stuff....so me and henry cut them up and ate it with syrup. the first 15 min. were usual...but ..suddenly i felt like i was gonna throw up ...but..i didn't....i didn't want to waste the stuff after how long it took us to get it...i looked at henry and saw that he was feeling the same way too...i remember haveing a cigerette...and laughing like crazy ..i don't remember y though....hmmm...then i went back in and went to use the bathroom to take a shit....there i was in the bathroom takin a shit when i felt it coming on to me strong...the walls were starting to slide back and forth and the design shapes seemed to grow with life...i knew i shouldn't be on the toilet..so i finished my business and left quickly ....it was a good thing too.... i went out to the living room and found my friend watching cartoon network.....so we started to watch flinstones.....and for some reason it seemed like they were talking to me ..but i knew it was the cartoon ....me and henry were tripping like never before at this point in time..because we were confused most of the time and we didn't know wut to expect since it was our first time and nobody was there to tell us ..it was all kinda wierd.... kevin and joe..wanted to go smoke so we went with them to our usual place....in the car, me and henry , in the back ..was fascinated by the scenery ..everything looked new to us....even though we've been living in the same city forever....we went into the woods and while they smoked out ..me and henry were sitting in the car looking at kalaidescope images that were appearing out of nowhere...i went oustide for a smoke and looked up ...all the stars seemed to be moving ...like all theway across the sky ....i went back in and i remember me and henry feeling dumb as fuck .not knowin where we were and wut a shape was outside.....everything seemed so confusing....i felt like an infant again not knowing shit...we went back home and started watching cartoons again... henry told me to look at my arms...and i didd....it looked like my arms weren't apart of my body ... i had to reassure myself..by touching my shoulder.... i looked up at henry again ...and was about to say sumthing ..but noticed henry was me ...or atleast henry looked like me ..i was like looking into a another world with henry on the other side...then i noticed the carpet...all the patterns started to spread out like they were alive and squirming.....so i started to walk to the computer room and noticed the aquarium...i saw the fish ..(the ugly ass ones) ....it looked right at me ...i thought atleast......i tapped the glass and started to talk to the fishes..asking if they knew who i were.... i wanted to know if the fishes knew us....it was wierd..i was like really trippin by now...it was prolly the peak of my trip ... i walked back in to the living room and jus stared off into space....everything seemed so fake ..like i was in a model of some sort... like the trees looked too artificial ..and too exactly alike .... i went out for a smoke ...and noticed that it was getting bright..but when i looked at my watch it was only 2 am...so i knew it wasn't sun already ... but it seemed like light was coming and going...and my palms felt sticky as hell ... i came out of the trip and felt tired as fuck ..i took a shower...and saw all my friends sleeping in the living room so i went back home ..and layed in my bed until i fell asleep .... the nite put a total drain on me ...it was like as if i was born as an infant and was climbing my way up to my regular state...i look upon that day ....and i know i won't ever forget my first time

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