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about two weeks ago i purchased an eigth of mushrooms.

about two weeks ago i purchased an eigth of mushrooms. i never really had the chance to eat them until last friday, when my parents left me with an open house for the evening. I tried getting my friend steve to trip with me, eat half of it, and just have a good time, and i didnt want to do it by myself, because it would have been the first time tripping on mushrooms. Ive tried drinking cough syrup, that was fun as hell, although dangerous, and i wanted to try something different.

10:30 p.m. i called up steve to see if he was still commin over to eat the mushrooms, i was bored as shit, and since he had to go to work the following morning, he didnt want to trip, so i called up my friend matt, and he came over within 30 seconds of me calling him.

10:45 p.m. we evenly destributed the mushrooms, a half 8 each, not much, but enough to trip fairly well. i was smoking weed literally all day before this, so i was already pretty out of it. I ate mine in a peanut butter bagel thing and matt just decided to down his in a glass of something...i dont really remember. maybe OJ.

11p.m.-12 a.m. decided to watch tv...we watched some stupid george lopez stand up thing, it wasnt really funny at all. i dont know. at this point my body started feelin pretty good, i could tell the mushrooms were starting to definatley take over, and there was total pupil dialation in my eyes.

12:15 a.m.-ish. i started to zone out. This was my firt indication of a visual. I looked at the far end of my room that i was in, and the walls started to seem smaller. like alot smaller. like 6 feet high. it was weird. i looked at my windows and my curtains were slowly morphing, kinda like what the ocean looks like when youre chillin on a boat.

12:30 a.m. went out to smoke a cigarette, and look around outside. i wanted to go on a walk but matt was being a fag and wouldnt do it, he just wanted to "enjoy his trip" and sit on the bench in my yard and smoke. i was easilly convinved to just stay out there with him, and look at the stars pop out and move around in the sky. the smoke of my cigarette intriegued me and i ended up staring at that in amazement. we ended up smoking a bowl, and just chillin there for a few more minutes.

1 a.m. went inside to watch some tv. we turned on adult swim and there was some weird show on that didnt make any sense at all. i was just giggling, staring at a huge poster on my wall with big eyes, and at this point, i had such a fucking huge grin on my face that i couldnt whipe it off even if i tried, i was feelin good at this point. we went up stairs, to go eat i think.. and then we never ended up eating. we just ended up going upstairs and watching tv. lol.

1:30- 2:00 ish. i dont really remember what happened here. majority of the time i wasnt really sure where i was, or what was going on, i just knew i was trippin face, and i was happier than life.

2:30 a.m. my peak.

- my trip was going great at this point. i was looking around, the walls were just always going outta whack, things on the walls were slowly moving back and fourth, and for some reason, i decided to sit on the toilet, and let my mind recooperate, however it did quite the oposite. I have these vine things on the wallpaper of my walls in the bathroom, and after zoning out for about 3 minutes, they were movin all around and it was just awesome. i was surely convinced it was real, and i was kinda freakin out for a split second so i ran out of the bathroom to see what matt was doing. On the way i passed a mirror. staring at myself in the mirror when i am trippin face was one of the weirdest things ever. i didnt feel like myself, look like myself, or even know what i was doing just sitting there staring at myself.

3:00. wasnt as crazy, but still seeing visuals, went outside again, and smoked another bowl, and then..i dont really remember what happened.

sometime around 4:00 .... tried going to bed, cause i had work the next morning. me and matt really just ended up sitting in bed for about 2 hours trying to fall asleep, but you know what its like...my mind wasnt in the right mindset to fall asleep, i kept seeing visuals even when i closed my eyes.

i passed out sometime between the time of 5-6.

waking up for work the next morning sucks. but, i still had fun, and i will be going on another mushroom journey this week.


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