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My latest trip was awesome.

My latest trip was awesome. I was shrooming real hard. My friends and I decided at about 11:30 one night that we were going to shroom. We all had an eigth each but I was the only one who took the whole thing. The shrooms we had were the best that there are around were I live, and they are really good!! It didn't take very long for them to kick in (alot faster then before) and when they hit, they really hit me hard. I live with my boyfriend and are whole living room is covered in posters, the ceiling is covered in stickers and we have this strob light that kicks ass when we shroom. We were all sitting around listening to Blink 182 and there was this one song that was so lame but it was the most hallarious song I had ever heard. We sat listening to that song for three hours with the strob light and posters just tripping us out. I was shrooming harder then anyone and this one poster really caught my attention. It was a poster of two angels smoking joints and above them was a pot leaf with clouds around it. Those clouds just kept sucking that leaf in. Everything around me was just blurred together like a mural or some weird painting. My cigerette beat everything though, I had never realized how cool cigerettes are when you are shrooming. I kept having to go to the bathroom because I had drank a shit load of orange juice and it was just really catching up with me. So, I walk into the bathroom and shut the door, and as soon as that door was shut the walls started to suck me in with them. The shower curtain is one of those hologram ones and that was really weird. I looked in the mirror and my eyebrows and hair was green. I walked back out to the living room and curled up in this blanket and fell to the floor. I closed my eyes and the things I was seeing were unbelievable. There was so many weird things that happened that night I can't explain them all but I was shrooming until about 5:00 in the morning and man shit was really weird. I loved that trip, it was fucking rad!!!

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