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Cold New Year

Hello, my name is Red Rider (not really) and this is my New Year's trip story.

Hello, my name is Red Rider (not really) and this is my New Year's trip story. First I have to start with the story of how I got my shrooms. I grew them using the MMGG and I was only three days from harvest when my mom found my little secret. She threw all my supplies away, but I found the bag she pitched them in. So I managed to scrounge a film container full of pinheads and ripped up fatties. With this and a few grams of crushed sryian rue seeds I was determined to trip in the new year. Unfortunatly I am a night shift snowmaker for an east coast ski resort, and if you live in the east then you know that New Year's was one of coldest nights this year, and for me that means I'm at work from 7:00 PM to 7:00 AM. Anyway, at about 11:00 I took the rue powder, and at 11:40 I ate the shrooms. Then my buddie and I headed for the chairlift to the top of the mountain so we could party with some other snowmakers. Right at midnight the lift shut off. "Thank God I have my 2-way radio!" I said. But when I called for help I realized that in the excitement to get to the top of the mountain I forgot to change the battery in my radio. So there we were ringing in the new year stuck on a lift and freezing to death. When we finally started to move again it was 12:40. I was rollin' pretty good when I got off the lift, but after losing the feeling in my fingers and toes I just couldn't enjoy the rest of my trip. So my advise to all the shroomers out there is to always count on fucking up, because when you do, it won't suprise you as much.

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