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Where has my perception gone?

I looked questioningly into the sky, skeptically attempting to disprove my friend's claims that the clouds had been terraforming right before his eyes.

I looked questioningly into the sky, skeptically attempting to disprove my friend's claims that the clouds had been terraforming right before his eyes. The lavender sky was tainted with large stretches of dark gray, and initially remained dormant and uneventful. I held my gaze on the stars, until I noticed movement among the clouds. A section of clouds swirled and shifted until it began to take the shape of a pig. Several bordering clouds had now gained movement, and were becoming part of the increasingly detailed image. Before long, Porky Pig was etched clearly in the skies by gray clouds which depicted a sinister grin on the cartoon pig's face. Then, the image began dialating. My eyes were glued to the enormous menacing hallucination, which now occupied the entire sky.

I tore my eyes from the horrid sight using every ounce of willpower my body possessed. I was confused and scared, but said nothing to anyone. We somehow made it to the kitchen where I sat at the head of the table and blindy looked at my surroundings, nothing really registering in my head. I was talking to my friends when the shrooms kicked in full force like a tsunami. My friend, who had seconds before been in front of my eyes, now appeared to be twenty feet away. Before I could open my mouth to announce the arrival of my trip, my friends apparent distance set itself to about 1 foot, when in actuality it was probably 2 or 3 feet. This depth perception cycled at a rapid pace ten or fifteen times before I overcame it and began describing it to my friend. My thoughts were centered around the fact that visuals this strong hadn't been a part of my previous (first) trip. So initially, I was scared I wouldn't be able to handle the rest of the trip if it was already so powerful. Before I could give any real thought to my worries, I noticed one of kids who was too my left and in my peripheral vision. As I looked at him out of the corner of my eye, my mouth dropped in amazement as he became tall and curved. I was definitely tripping a lot harder than I had before, and I lot harder than I was prepared for. The inability to predict what would come next scared me and further increased the negativity of the trip.

My peripheral vision gone, I needed to get out of the house. Me and two friends, who were having mild, pleasant trips, took a walk around the block. Everything seemed so alien and large, forcing itself into my field of vision and displaying their evil presences. Trees seemed to be surveiling me, watching me as I struggled to walk on the sidewalk. I was completely silent and immersed in the terrifying landscape. I nervously glanced at the dark voids between houses, half expecting some creature to leap from the darkness and bound towards me. My friends were talking about the cool visual effects they saw, which made my trip even worse. The fact that they had no idea what I was seeing made me feel alienated and vulnerable.

Finally we made it back to the house and into the kitchen again. Several kids were still sitting at the table, and they were high but not tripping. As I looked at these peoples faces, the frame froze. Everything turned two dimensional as I completely surrendered my ability to perceive depths. Then, almost as if someone was switching a monitor resolution, everything turned to 16-bit color. I could only see a few basic colors, but no shades of them. The resulting effect made everyone seem cartoonish, and the thought jumped into my head that the scene looked like the illustration on the cover of a book. The image remained displayed before me for a painstaking 4 or 5 seconds before reality caught up and the kids sprang into action several feet from where they had left off. I was panicking now, I knew I was having a bad trip. I tried to tell myself it was only the drug, and I would only have to bear with it for a few more hours before I would be fine. This "excuse" only made the trip worse. I remember thinking there was no way I could maintain sanity through six more hours, especially when I was only about 45 minutes into the trip and was far from the peak.

I went downstairs with my friends to try and watch some TV. When we first turned it on, the static screen scared the shit out of my other two friends. I was afraid to look at it, especially in the state I was in. I remember them describing it like the static particles were flying off the screen and all over the room. Once we actually put a channel on, I couldn't focus because my perception was still viciously off. I felt like I was staring at a giant TV in a room that was so small it only gave the TV a few inches margin of free space on all sides. Then I would feel like the entire room was slanted, and other such errors in perception. This entire time my mind was racing, I said not a word to anyone, just struggled to try and slow down my trip and absorb what I was seeing. Fighting the trips effects was a huge mistake, that only made me feel more helpless when the shrooms easily overpowered me.

I went back upstairs to my girlfriends room where I hoped I would feel comfortable in a familiar setting. As my friends entertained themselves by looking in her mirror, I went to the bathroom to try and pee. I fumbled with my zipper for about thirty seconds, as the mental anguish at this point was reaching painful levels. I didn't want to be tripping anymore, and I felt so weak and vulnerable I wanted to cry. I tried to laugh this off but I could not. I thought several times about how I would come home and post this trip report, and strangely enough, that calmed me a little bit. Go figure.

I sat down on my girlfriends bed and took of my sweatshirt after noticing I was very hot. The walls seemed so close to me, and I couldn't for the life of me figure out how three people were existing in that room without overlapping or laying on top of each other. The flower pattern on my girlfriends wallpaper was dancing left and right, as the small plants were rotated around the origin of their points. It was at this point that I felt the need to throw up. I grabbed my girlfriends garbage and let the vomit flow. Three times before I was done, but I was feeling so much better. Perception was still off, so I decided to go back downstairs to the TV to try and take my mind off it. Up until this point I had not seen my girlfriend at all, she knew I was having a bad trip and told my friends if she saw me she would have a bad one too. I understood this but it made me feel even worse, as I sank into the couch I felt even more depressed and abandoned. Finally, my friends convinced my girlfriend to come down. She layed with me on the couch and I felt MUCH better. I was getting pure positive energy from her and these emotions grounded me and minimized my trip to the taskbar. We tried to watch TV some more, but the edges of the screen were too alive with motion and I was feeling seasick. Wasn't long before I puked again.

After this, the effects of the trip were pretty much gone. I was feeling really good, my thoughts had slowed, and no movement was apparent. I felt burnt like I had smoke an ounce of weed and ready for sleep. Unfortunately my girlfriend didn't enjoy tripping (it was her first time) and was peaking right about this point in time. She asked me to comfort her by talking to her, which I did sympathetically, knowing how scared she might feel.

After all of our trips had worn off, I fell into a deep and still sleep. The next day I felt somewhat scared most of the day, but this odd feeling dimished with time.

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