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What The Flamin?

I was sitting in my room on a Saturday night with a friend.

I was sitting in my room on a Saturday night with a friend.(for sake of this report will call him S).It was a Friday night we were deep into the summer,august 20..something.Me and S were begining to get bored of the normal friday night pot smoking.We had done it everday that summer at least once a day. Sitting there listen to Jimi Hendrix play "Little Wing" S asked, "Dude you wanna do something really cool?" Knowing it was going to be related to drugs I replied' "sure as long as it isn't smoking bud!" S said," No something far better than bud lets get some shrooms." S had a variety of different drug dealers so within a few phone calls a half an hour and a little bit of walking we had our bag of shrooms. I had never done any Psycadelics before ,but was anxious to give them a try. Me and S talked about the conciquenced for about 5 min and then began to down the dried shrooms. After some pizza a beer and some T.V. I began noticing a tingling sensation in my feet. I knew I was on my way to a fun filled night. After S reported the same feeling to me,we went back into my room turned off my lights cranked on my strobe and good old Jimi Hendrix. By the time the cd got to "Purple Haze" I noticed the strobe which was before set to blinking very fast was now at a slow placed flash. I asked S if he had een goofing with the switch,but he was still laying on my floor eyes on the digital equilizer on my stereo. I asked him what was up. S told me that the green and blue bars seemed to be right infront of his face dancing up in down to the guitar riffs. I started to listen closely to the music and the next thing I knew i began to hear almost a different version of the track.I heard small drum beats and guitar notes I had never heard.After listening some more i began to feel something coming at me.It felt like little waves passing through me. I soon relized I was feeling the sounds that were coming out of my Stereo.It was amazing. I stood up off my bed and felt the sounds paa through my body.I felt like I was made of water. Meanwhile S was still staring at the little lights.He wa in a deep trance.I woke S up and told him we should go to the living room he agreed.As i walked to my door i noticed the floor shifting under me,but I had no trouble keeping balance.We exited through my once white now turned a flourecent pink and indigo blue door. We arived in the living room and S said my his all time greates line, WHAT THE FLAMIN'. I immediatly burst out in laughter I laughed so hard I hit the floor and started to roll around.After catching my breath I noticed I wasn't on the ground I was sort of suspended a little bit.This was really cool.After getting to my feet and plopin down on the couch I asked S why the Hell he said,"What the flamin'. He told me that cartoons were coming on the turned of T.v. one by one telling him different ways to brush his teeth. Again I started to laugh,but noticing his seriousness I contained my self.I turned on the Television after about a half an hour of telling S how good of a friend he was to me and telling him I wouldn't know what to do with out him we turned on the T,v We watched Scooby doo. Which was really wierd because for once the episode wasn't a re run. Or was it maybe it was just the shrooms who knows ......... I also want to give some sugestions of things to do on a trip, 1. Get a ball or something close to one and toss it up and the air to yourself.If your on a good trip youll notice it takes its good old time to land. 2.CARTOONS need I say more?.3.Making up words is fun. 4.Strobes, Acidwarp,Black Lights.5 My finnal suggestion Is to listen to a cd or tape you listen to alot you will notice distincted changes in the sounds.

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