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WHAT is going on?

Well, I took this trip in preps for a larger one that I am planning at the end of this month, to test a new dose method based on that described by Elfstone at: http://www.

Well, I took this trip in preps for a larger one that I am planning at the end of this month, to test a new dose method based on that described by Elfstone at:


Where you make a tea and avoid any actual fungal consumption. Previously I tried a similar tech and no cigar, but this time I added lemon juice and steeped for longer (as per above). It worked BIG time. I should also say that I am hoping for some mystical or shamanistic insights via exploring this entheogen, but this trip was only bordering on such levels (I used 2 grams for the tea). However, there were some very notable things.

First, it came on fast, like within 15 minutes, then rose from there. I started experiencing a lot of questions in my mind, such as what is really going on with us and the universe. Also, I noticed many sounds and images were coming to my mind's eye, not quite total visual but very close. At some points I was seeing what appeared to be TOTALLY alien life forms, like cactus creatures and other bizarre things. I also had a sense that the universe is a multiverse and I was feeling many dimensions almost overlapping. Various sounds kept repeating, it was sometimes a bit unnerving, as some of them were really bizarre or just odd, like cartoon noises all mixed up and repeating regularly...

A few times it started to seem like it would get uncool, or negative, but then it also changed and seemed very light-hearted. When my wife came and asked if my trip was over (she is not exactly thrilled about my exploration of consciousness this way) I told her I was not sure, since I was not really sure what the hell I was doing in this life and in this reality--this cracked me up and it was hard not to laugh way out loud (needless to say she got the hint that it was NOT over yet). I would say one thing though and that is I don't like starting too late in the day, it was hard to get to sleep even when I was tired, and my sleep (as last time) seemed restless and also like my body was physically taking a bit of a beating (maybe just from lack of restful sleep). I had a great experience of looking into my own eyes while in the B-room, I felt like I was connecting to myself beyond the identity from this life only, which felt good and re-affirming, like we forget who we really are while in the thick of this life, since we do not recall the rest of our existence before or after it (depending on how you think time plays out).

Oh yea, I ate some chocolate with the dose, which may be a mild MAOI, and also I think I should have fasted a bit more that day (I had lunch and a late snack, this might make the trip more earth-plane based). I was thinking a lot about how people are so competitive, and I often feel I am a warrior trying to bring more harmony back to the earth (through advanced clean power generation technology for example in my job) but I also thought it was an irony that I felt the need to be a warrior to bring more peace about...though this seemed just one of those 'that's how it is' things.

I also thought a lot about other people and my relationships to them, and how important they are and also just the emotional interactions (like reconnecting on a personal level with people I work with). I even was thinking about all of you here on this site, and how I wanted to share my questions and insights, as you have done also. I really was hit hard with the question about what does this all mean, why are we here, etc. I just dropped out of a meditation group that is popular around the globe that has many answers to these Qs (many of which I agree with but not the corruption I found out about in that org) but I also think there are many things we barely grasp...

That is about all, I will surely share my tale of the mega trip a friend and I are taking in 3 weeks, should be quite powerful.

Oh yea, I also though a lot about whether this substance is inherently good or not, but I think it depends a lot on what attitude you bring to the table yourself.

Well, happy awakening! Keep sharring your insights!!

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