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What an Experience

Hey there guys, The first time I did shrooms was a totally emotionally charged mind altering experience, and I mean that in a positive way.

Hey there guys,

The first time I did shrooms was a totally emotionally charged mind altering experience, and I mean that in a positive way. My friend came over and he told me straight whether I would prefer to eat the shrooms straight or with some other food. Not wanting to have the affects altered by anything else I charged forward eating it straight. He said that the affects would take around 30 Minutes at most, well going twenty minutes after eating the goodies I felt my body start to heat up a bit and decided to drink some water, that ofcourse really didn't do too much, another 20 minutes later things are starting to spin in my head I feel light headed and a little vommity, after a while things started to look altered and almost like things were hanging on a certain angle more horizontally than straight. I began hearing echoes which was a little freaky I won't lie at first, but with reassurance from my close friends things were going ok. I did start to see my dumbells that I excerise with start to gradually sink into the ground and the ground itself started to breathe. I honestly felt at one with the house and the earth to that matter that everything indeed is living and has a force of their own. This is what I experienced for the first four hours, with the flashing lights and bright beautiful colors almost like that movie RENT. The last two hours was pretty emotional, I just felt like hugging people and make ammends with the people I considered my enemy for so long. I did end up calling up a lot of these people to there surprise no doubt, and they asked me if I was ok and that I was not in any serious danger, now mind you, I was crying on the phone too. I am a twenty two year old built male mind you lol. So this no doubt is all very strange to them. The after math of which I can say was nothing but total bliss and calm. I did some reexamination of my life and of other things when I was on the shrooms. Its funny but shroom really makes you think about a lot of things lol. Well thats it for now, I have nothing but positive things to say about something that is very natural and is not man made, Remember, If God (If you believe in God), didn't want shrooms on this planet and if it was a bad thing, it wouldn't be here for us. the same with Weed, those are the only two that I feel should be legalized. Peace out.

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