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what a pretty floor

It had been a while since i had chewed shroomz.

It had been a while since i had chewed shroomz. . . the two people I was with were on some Eboes. I was sober, and desprate to do osmething.
My friend went out to her car and brought me a bag of shrooms. I hadn't eaten anything and o just chewed the 3 grams of shrooms that were given to me for free. I don't know what kind they were, and they took about 45 mins to kick in. I remember smoking a cigarette and just watching how pretty the smoke looked comming up from it. I put on some deep trance music. Then I asked my friends to turn off the lights, trippin' out in the dark is usually fun. the only light in the room was from the computer, and the round little green light on the x-box aswell as a red light from the motion detector. This is when i really started to see stuff.

I was looking at the red light in my prefferial vision and the green light aswell. Then after looking at it for 10 minuites, which i thought was very much longer, a green face moved up close into my face and scared the shit out of me!

Evry time i closed my eyes I saw pleasant things almost like a tunnel of checkered unexplainable things and then the "green face man" as i had called him would pop up into my face and scare me again.

I didn't close my eyes for almost the rest of the night. and therefore began finding something interesting to look at. There is a closet in the back of this persons baement with a sheer curtain covering it and i looked over at it. the curtain looked like it was swaying and more like melting. Since the curtain was sheer i was looking beyond the swaying and looking at what looked like really colourful poles where it seemed like a jail cell almost.

I was lying on a love seat and decided to look down onto the floor(tiled and mixed with blue and white).
The floor wsa very colourful and held a nice pattern that was moving and swaying and melting together.. Cd animals and other things swirled in and out of the pattern. I stared at this for most of the night. 4 hours to be exact. My friend had happened to drop something on it, and got up to pick it up.. i guess i didnt want anything to happen to the floor cause it was beautiful so i yelled at him "GET THE FUCK OFF MY FUCKINNG FLOOR" and he said to me, "it's my floor". and it didnt make much sense to me because in my mind i knew it was a floor, but it wasnt a floor.

I got up, and used the washroom. FULL OF MIRRORS. I walked in there, and all i could see was myself.. looking all weird. i looked closer at my image and could see every pore on my face, and they looked like they were breathing. i looked at my eyes.. followed them everywhere, they looked sso pretty... i almost forgot to go to the washroom, cause i was just looking at mysself for what seemed like the longest time.

So i decided to lay back, and close my eyes, helllllO mr "green face man". I quickly opened my eyes and looked at the cieling, which looked like water. the ceiling was like a damn river flowing overtop of me. again, i just watched it for quiite the while.this is when my buzz is starting to wear off.

I look ovr at the computer screen, and the backround is a huge mushroom in a dreamy place... the mushroom was glowing and swaying and the sky was moving.
then all of a suddenly, i felt normal.

it waas over, and i was back in the world of the normal liveing functioning person.

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