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What a mental first time !!

Here’s an account of my first ever time, what an insane ride!

Here’s an account of my first ever time, what an insane ride!! This all took place in Amsterdam. If your interested in the quantities I took and the relevance to my size and weight, I’m 6ft and weigh 16 stone.

I arrived at my hotel 3pm on the Monday and decided it was important to indulge in the local culture, right I said to my girlfriend of to the nearest magic mushroom shop.

3.45pm I am in the local shroomery and I say to the guy what’s the score with the shrooms mate….he introduces me to 5 mushrooms and pointing at them says level 1 – beginner….level 2 strong…..level 3 very strong……level 4 experienced user……level 5 mad man ! he says to me have you tried them before…no I say…he says then I recommend these level 1’s for beginners. I wanted a great first experience so I said give me the level 3 and with an over inflated sense of confidence buy 35 grams of level 3 shrooms and go back to the hotel with a smile on my face. (my first mistake of this experience!!)

I look at my box of shrooms and think there just mushrooms how mad can they be and promptly scoff down about 15 grams of the fungus infested mushrooms, this was 8 full and rather chunky mushrooms (my second mistake!!) They tasted all right, just like normal mushrooms which surprised me a little, its now 4pm

4.20pm arrived and I’m thinking these aren’t working nothing is happening and suggest to my girlfriend we go shopping.

4.35pm we are in a small and rather busy jewellery shop and my girlfriend is looking at a pendent…WHAMO !!!! I get taken totally by surprise and all sense of reality leaves me I am officially super wasted, and a total and utter paranoid wreck!! I’ll try and explain…..in an instant everything turns lime green, all the voices in the shop are amplified about a million times and I cant feel my feet….I lean over to my girlfriend and Say “can we leave please” she turns round and sees the black tunnels I once had for eyes, grabs my arm and guides me out of the shop. Are you all right she says to me, I DON’T THINK SO I say…right we need a plan, a nice walk should do the trick (my third mistake)

We take a walk down the red light district area……Everything is a very weird green colour, and I have no real perception of reality…basically I am tripping out of my head have eaten way to much of them and have taken shrooms that are way to strong for me as a first timer.

We make it to the red light, what a total nightmare every 30 seconds I have guys walking up to me and saying Cocaine, E,E,E,E, Cocaine, and staring at me, (if you’ve been to the dam you’ll understand what I mean by this) AHHHHHH im a total paranoid freak now there are guys shouting things from door ways like you want sexy time, come on in I show you sexy time…To cap it all off there are hundreds of people on mad little bikes flying around me and I cant comprehend it at all, all I see are massive people on tiny little bikes they are all singing an ringing there bells, I really just don’t know what’s going on anymore, I am officially now really really out of my head and need to get back to the hotel fast.

We make it back its only 5.30pm I have lost all perception of time, I think I have been wandering the street s for days, and only an hour has passed I really cant comprehend it, the world really just isn’t making any sense to me at all. I lie down on the bed for an hour or so, and drink down some orange juice I stare at the walls and watch them breath and move around and as quick as it came on its gone. I genuinely have an overwhelming sense of gratitude to not be dead and to have my sanity back !! half an hour later its like nothing happened at all…weird…..

Looking back it was a really scary experience, but actually quite a funny, and in a way enjoyable one. I will be more careful in the future with my shrooming, but fully intend on trying them again!!

If you are reading this to get some info as a first timer, then your in the same boat as I was 2 weeks ago, and if you really do want some honest, and good advice then here it is.

1.Start with a low dose, level 1 or 2, and only eat about a third of the shrooms.
2.Be in some good company and just accept everything is going to get a bit weird within 30 – 60 minutes of eaten them!
3.Have lots to do and see, this means if things start going bad you can very quickly change something, and make it better.
4.Have some fresh orange or something else that contains vitamin C and if things get really back drink it, the vitamin C should help to bring you down.

Enjoy! DXT

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