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What a crazy %$#@ing night!!!

The night started off pretty shitty, we had a hard time getting our shrooms.

The night started off pretty shitty, we had a hard time getting our shrooms...But, we finally got them along with about a half ounce of chron. There were 3 of us that night, G,D and me. We all took 4 grams each of primo shrooms and like 20 mintues later, we were all feeling it. We were at D's place and he had blinking X-mas lights that changed patterns, it was a fucked up environment to say the least. we each also had 6 beer each, so we triple crowned it(that's what we call doing weed, booze and shrooms at once where i'm from). 2 hours or so into our trip, we had drank all the beer and we had smoked about half the ganj...we were all so fucked...D was throwing chips all over the place, like i mean his place was wrecked...there were ashes, beer, choc milk and other assorted stuff all over his carpet...like, if anyone would have come in and seen us three, giggling away, in the middle of this disaster zone, with trippy X-mas lights on, they would have thought that we were all coked out or some shit. I was seeing mad shit like a chair just started walking aroung and whatnot, it was nuts. anyway, by the end of the night, D was too messed to talk, so we decided to cab it back to my place, me and G. as soon as ileft D's, i started feeling so fucked up, i almost fell down the fucking stairs...I got outside and i thought i was gonna die...finally, our cab showed up, or so i thought...it was full of people and i really didn't understand what the fuck was going on...anyway, apparently i just passed out while i was standing and i bit the asphalt hard..nice big cut on my face and G says i was out cold for 10 secs. i finally got home and then i went to bed. I had a crazy dream about stealing the hollywood letters on the hills in Holywood...it was fucked...Keep on Shroomin'!!

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