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weve passed the sun

First off, id like to say I cant really rate my trip off of a couple descriptions, but I know it was at least a strong level 2 trip.

First off, id like to say I cant really rate my trip off of a couple descriptions, but I know it was at least a strong level 2 trip.

I have been interested in tripping for a while, but I decided against using acid, because it sounded so strong, and unnatural, especially to someone who has never tripped before. I also know from many people that tripping (on acid mostly) has changed their whole lives in good and bad ways, and this was rather interesting to me. What also attracted me to tripping was the thought of seeing sound, such things like that. Anyways, I figured my first trip was a loo-loo.

My friend Scott and I had planned testing his new crop out for a while now, and I had eagerly been waiting for this experience. So I wanted it to be as best as it could be, by taking the most precautions that I could have, and being prepared in mind and body.

We finally were all prepared and had set out to go take a little nature hike, and I asked my best friend (who is a girl) along so she could baby-sit us while we tripped. We played around with the whippets, all the while anticipating this great time ahead of us. Finally it was time for digestion, so we ate and set off for the fields.

We were in a place where I had never been before (mistake number one) even though we were probably three miles from my home. At first I didnt feel the effects, and then they set in little by little as we walked. I barely noticed it, and this was unexpected. Then Scott, feeling nauseous, smoked some pot with me (mistake number two), hoping to settle his stomach. I had no idea how serious he was when he told us he was feeling sick. He lay on his back, desperately trying to keep his stomach. Finally he sat up and turned to his side and vomited repeatedly. I was pretty stoned by then, and I was just in a daze, and couldn't really help.

After he was done barfing, we got up to walk a little further into the wilderness, while the shrooms started to set in. I had trouble deciphering trees from the ground foliage, but after a while I didnt care that much. I found that everyone who tried describing this feeling doesnt come close, because I found my whole state of mind had changed. I became totally introversive, and I saw everything in a metaphorical light.

Finally we stopped to lay down for a but and stare at the sky, which was just amazing, the strips of clouds on the blue sky soon became purple, then green, but I found I wasn't that interested at all in that.

I tried to enhance my experience by putting the headphones on, and this was really great. I was listening to the first track of Paul Oakenfold, Tranceport. It started off perfectly, and I didnt really listen to it, it just set the great background music for my thought process. I felt like I was lifting up to the tree branches, expanding through the sky, and pretty soon I was just lost in an intense thought process. I remember having thoughts like “am I a human, or what?" It felt like my ego just got thrown in with all the dreams I had ever had, and it was hard to pick out reality. I had completely forgotten about school, until this kids face popped into my head, and I thought "I know him from somewhere."

Suddenly I remembered that I was tripping! This came as a frightening blow to me, because I thought, "what if it changes my life, and I cant turn back from here? What if my new thought process is undesirable?" I began to get more and more introversive, (mistake three) and thought about my family being disappointed, and my girlfriend. (Who I had planned on telling, but realized that it probably wasnt feasible.)

I recall vaguely mixed thoughts on me looking back on my life as an older human being, and realized how much I had fucked up, and how I had made the wrong choices, or hadnt tried hard enough to succeed at all.

I then became very emotional, I felt like I had to poop, and I felt like I needed to cry like a schoolgirl. Thinking back to the FAQ I decided to try and get some music out to see if it would change my mood. Once again, this lifting feeling was brought on, but this time as I felt myself becoming higher I felt more and more like crying and shitting myself.

I stripped off my headphones in disgust, and turned to Scott, who was laying on the ground and said "I think im bad tripping." He was calm about it, and tried to talk to me, but I figured he was still tripping therefore couldnt trust him.

I felt emotionally insecure about a lot of things, but then I opened my eyes again and he was getting up, and I realized we were going back to the car. He said he was done, and soon we were walking. I became scared, and I wanted to be in a safe place, but I felt that we were lost, because I remember us stopping and starting again. I told Scott "I just want to be un-lost" all the while hes trying to reassure me that we werent lost at all, and once again I still didnt trust him because I thought he was still up. Pretty soon we were walking up the road towards his car, but I still couldnt see it so I was getting more and more nervous. I just wanted to sleep in his back seat I told him, but when we got there I didnt.

After I had come down more, I realized that it was just the whole effect of being plunged back into reality, all the while feeling exposed. Everything was glowing, all the colors were rich and bold, the dandelions shining fiery against the grass, and the flowers sticking out left and right where I never would have noticed them before. I was thinking very philosophically, and trying to find the hidden agenda in everything someone said or did.

As I think back now, I realize this was definitely a good thing that happened to me, by toughening my desire to succeed in life, and try my hardest to do my best. I really did like the state of mind that it put me into, even intense as it was. I have really come to grips with how big of a decision that was, even though I thought I realized it at the time. I may have realized it more than some, but not nearly enough as I should have. That was my biggest mistake.

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