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11:30PM, I start to chew on some mushrooms I'd dried out.

11:30PM, I start to chew on some mushrooms I'd dried out. I had about 4 big mushrooms and some aborts in my mouth, which I kept there for fifteen minutes because I like the taste of shrooms.

The come on felt a little slow. I wanted to brush into level four but it seemed that I'd be staying in familiar territory. Visual reality didn't become alive until ten minutes after midnight. I'd been extremely exhausted that day, so I chose to lie down and wait for it all to really kick in. I felt tense too.

Laying down doing nothing got old fast so I put on some Jimi Hendrix, turned out the lights and closed my eyes. Wonderful patterns immediately emerged dousing my in a symphony of synethesia. It got old fast though; I'd seen it before and I'd heard the songs numerous times. I only laid there until around 12:45AM.

I got up and started thinking about how I wanted more. I really wanted to hit the fourth level. I debated over in my mind whether or not to take more. Just before 1AM I grabbed two fresh small mushies and a few aborts and chewed them down (tasted nice and fresh, it was wonderful). I estimated that it'd kick me up by about fifty percent.

I laid back down in bed, figuring I'd have an hour until my first dose peaked. Good idea taking that dose boost I thought, if it worked at all. Twenty minutes after the booster I could feel it coming on a little. Quickly I made a trip downstairs to put a few beers in the fridge so I could sleep after the trip.

Leaving my room helped relieve the boredom I'd been experiencing. The carpets had thick patterns crawling on them. My legs felt like they were getting longer and shorter, which forced me to walk really carefully. I went into one of the rooms downstairs and just watched this curtain for a while. The light from outside shone through it and all the patterns seemed to be part of a slowly spinning kaleidescope. I didn't stay for long (ten minutes?).

On my way back to my room I noticed how warped space had got. It was playing the same tricks on my as my legs had been doing: bigger then smaller, in and out, etc. Time started to do this as well. My sense of continuity started to fade.

Back in my room I eliminated the lights. Everything in there shifted around. The walls pulsed in and out. My floaters had become two dimensional patterns. I couldn't decide what I wanted to do.

I ended up putting on a DVD ("Alien" 1979) on my computer and then laying in bed to watch it. This happened around 1:45AM. The opening title music sounded really strange. My peak was rapidly approaching from the first dose, and the booster was really beginning to kick. The interior of the space ship morphed and melted. Sound began to get all loopy. The funny thing I find about watching television or a film on a hallucinogen is that the visuals seem to be a part of the film at first. It just kept getting stronger into the film, though. By the time the crew sat down for breakfast (5 minutes into the film) really weird shit started to happen. I felt excited. The character's faces got really blurry. They started to melt to the extent where they'd have four eyes for a second, then melt back together into a single pair. They got taller and shorted, while the set around them pulsed in and out. The dialogue seemed really interested; I understood all of their situations, how they were living, and what they felt. Faces just got so blurry it was strange.

I peak around 2:15AM. At this point I started to hear noises from the film that I know aren't in there. Also, I'd begin to see actual hallucinations in the backround, or the set, or any repetitive set of textures.

I watched until 2:45AM. I'd begun to come down a little (the main, larger dose was coming down, while the small booster dose was still on the up). I went to piss and looked at myself in the mirror. The shape of my head was all fucked up. It was indented at the temples. I looked really young in the mirror, like I was 12 years old. I certainly found this strange.

I staggered my way downstairs and grabbed three beers from the fridge and took them up to my room. I felt really clumsy. When I laid back in bed I left the film on pause. I kept feeling like fingers were growing out of my forearm, or when I stretch my arms they would bend backwards like I was made of rubber. I was also shrinking and growing, with my proportions fluctuating. My fingers looked exactly like toes.

I laid in bed for a while thinking away about the previous two days events. The whole trip I'd felt sort of bored and dissatisfied. Not a bad trip or a negative experience, but I just didn't get to where I wanted, even though it got quite funky for a while.

I didn't open my beers until 3:45AM, luckily they were still cold. The instant I moved the cap on the first beer, all I could smell was beer, in its entire subtlety. I drank the beers over an hour, then went down and grabbed two more which had been in the fridge. I finished those 2 and passed out around 5:30AM.

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