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Weight your dose...

I had purchased a quarter-pound of mushrooms on my birthday and hooked up with two buddies, Jay and Pat, and 3 drunk girls.

I had purchased a quarter-pound of mushrooms on my birthday and hooked up with two buddies, Jay and Pat, and 3 drunk girls. We walked around and found this one party on my street. So we hung out there for awhile.

I decided I wanted to test out my shrooms, as they were not like any I had ever seen. They were long and thin, and the bottom of the stems felt a bit fuzzy. I didn't want to be the only one tripping though, so I gave my 2 friends some shrooms. I picked out a bit and I thought it was about 2 grams, but little did I know these things were heavier than they seemed. I put away the quarter-pound somewhere right outside my house.

I ate them and downed them with Dole strawberry kiwi juice, and they kinda tasted like peanut butter. I was apart from my friends when I ate the shrooms and I decided to go meet up with them again. As I walked along a darkly lit road, all of a sudden everything got darker, and the texture of everything became much more apparent. "So it begins" I thought. Soon in the corner of my eye things were waving.

I met up with my buddies and we smoked weed walking through a field. We smoked 2 joints and at the end of the second joint the dandylions in the field began dancing around. I could see all the dandelions in the field, even in the night, they stuck out because they were glowing a purple-white colour. For the dandylions that I could see the stems, they grew longer, moved around, and retracted into the ground.

I was coming up pretty hard, especially with the weed, and I was feeling a bit overwhelmed. I threw up all my juice but after I was done I regained my composure. I didn't stop walking to puke, I kept walking because I didn't want to cause any inconvenience to my friends. We walked through an alley and there was a tree at the other side of the street at the end of the alley. There were also trees on each side of the alley. The leaves with the tree at the end somehow came together with the trees on the side, so I thought leaves were floating in the middle of the alley. I knew this wasn't possible, and I didn't figure out what I was looking at until I got really close.

As I walked up to the tree, it grew a woman's curves. Soon it had an ass, boobs, head, hair, and arms. Leaves formed the hair and her arms were up in the air... she looked like some sort of goddess of nature. Then her head turned and looked at me. I said "Did you guys just see that?", and Jay replied "Yeah, I just saw an orangutang in that tree.", we all had a good laugh.

We made it back to the party, and I was peaking by then, everything was waving, and textures spun in circles. Peoples faces looked like monsters. I was having a good time, as there was this one guy, who was really drunk and lived at the house. He ran out of his house screaming "Who did it?" As he pointed at everyone, including me, he said "was it YOU!? was it YOU!? was it YOU!?" Me and my buddies were laughing pretty hard.

One of the girls I was with said "What did somebody do?", and he walked up to her and said "Don't be the second one to piss in my cornflakes." My and my friends burst laughing, it was almost too much to take. I was having a hard time talking to anyone at the party, conversations just got too confusing.

The drunk guy came up to me later and said "So I hear you've got mushrooms." I said "Yeah, but I can't get you any right now, I'm on em." He told me to come into his house, and once inside he pulled out his wallet and gave me 40 bucks. He said "40 bucks, 8 grams of mushrooms, you had better call me tomorrow" I was confused as hell, but I just took the money. Everytime I saw him after that he pointed at me and said "I'll be seeing YOU... tomorrow."

At some point all the voices from the party were filling up my head, and I could barely think. It made it so hard to think that I could barely stand up, I thought I was going retarded. I told my friends I had to leave for a bit, so they came with me. We walked down a street, and as we did, the street grew longer. What was probably a 2 minute walk felt like 15 minutes. I still felt kinda bad, we sat down at a bus stop, and I was unable to stop fidgeting, I felt uncomfortable.

We went back to the party, and I said I was gonna go home. I went to my house, and I decided I didn't want to face my parents (they were gone camping), so I went back to the party. I did this about 3 times, and one time I was at my house, I turned around to go back to the party, and I saw a cop car. I thought I was getting busted for my quarter-pound. I ran to where I put it outside my house, and decided they were good where I put them.

When the 5-0 left I went back to the party, and asked my friends what that was about. The cop just wanted them to go inside, it was 2 in the morning and the party was too loud. It turned out that Pat threw his weed and pipe as hard as he could when he saw the cops.

We left later, and sat down on a bench. Pat all of a sudden said he was seeing the devil in a window. I looked at it, and it kinda looked like shadows were making someones face. Pat said we had to leave, and he started freaking out, he hid behind Jay, even though hes way bigger than Jay.

It so turned out my supposed 2 grams was about 4. And these were pretty potent shrooms. I found out during that trip that tripping at a party isn't the most pleasant thing, except for the funny shit that does on.

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