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weekend shroomie binge

Well, lemme just say I love mushrooms.

Well, lemme just say I love mushrooms. Anybody who is thinking about doing them and is scared because of all the bad trip reports they read, don't be. The phrase has been repeated hundreds of time, but your set and setting WILL determine your trip. If you're an in uncomfortable atmosphere, well you can expect to magnify that by a hundred once the mushrooms kick in. For anybody that hasn't done them before I suggest that you do them during the day, with ONLY people that are tripping, and the BEST place to be is the woods. You will indeed be one with nature, I guaranfuckingtee it. After your first time you can determine what you feel comfortable with for yourself, but cannot truly know what to expect until after tripping. I'm 20 years old and have done shrooms about 20 times, once a year since I was a baby, yup, no just kidding, but yeah I've done em about 20 times. I go to College up in Maine and that is like hippie country as you can imagine, and the weed is really good.

During first semester in November, there was talk around campus among stoners and such about some bomb shroomies that should be rolling through anytime soon. Well, they did and they looked incredible, unbelievably blue under the caps, etc. My really good friend, J, had never done them before, and I convinced him he would have an amazing time. Needless to say, after the first night he insisted we get another large bag the NEXT day and we ended up tripping sack AGAIN. I forgot to mention, the first night I had another friend that had never done them either (K), and he was willing to trip with me as I had quite some experience in the past with them. So there we were, the three of us with a quarter of these bomb-diggity mushrooms staring us in the face. I split it up according to how much I thought the other two would be able to handle, and in the end it turned out to be a good call on my part. I ate about 3 grams, my real good friend J ate probably about 2.3, and my other friend K ate about half of an eighth. Me and J's really good female friend N was going to a fraternity party that evening (it was about 8 oclock on a friday night), and we asked her if it would be cool if we could eat them and chill out in her dormroom for the night, since nobody was going to be there. She was down with it. Anywho, we didn't hesitate and we got down to business and scoffed em right up.

30 Minutes later we all started to feel it a little bit. Then our friend N came back with this other girl (we were not expecting this) cuz they forgot their booze in her fridge or something, I can't really remember. This would be the only bad part of the night, because the friend she brought with her is this fucking loudass annoying bitch who proceeded to fuck with us. Not cool bitch, not fucking cool. After she stuffed her hand in our faces and made us feel like we were trapped in a metal box with no fucking airholes (metaphor), I somehow managed to mutter that I was gonna fucking kill her if she didn't leave. (Not really but you should've seen my friend who had never tripped befores face when she was fucking with us.) So N, our good friend coaxed her outta the room, so it was just the 3 of us once again. After that shitstorm me and K felt pretty nauseous from that stupid bitch, but then we started tripping bigtime, so it was all good. She has this really cool rug, that started to move all around kind of like when Johnny Depp checks into the hotel in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (its a movie for those of you who don't know what i'm talking about).

So we walked out of her room and into the lobby, and holy shit the rugs were out of this world, and it took us about 10 minutes to walk a hundred feet to my friend K's room, which is on the same floor as our female friend N's room. My friend K's roommate is a pretty chill guy (never tripped before but knows how to handle the situation and be a "sitter"). It was real cold outside so I asked him for a sweater and asked him if he wanted to venture off into the woods behind his dorm with us. So the four of us headed down the stairs and off into the woods. My friend J lit up a cigarette, and starts laughing hysterically and was like "wooahhhhhh dude my cigarette is 3 feet long!" We laughed about that and stared over to the woods, which was basically in our face even though it was a hundred yards away. The trees were practically talking to us, and we moving toward us BIGTIME. It looked extremely inviting despite it being pitch-black. So we headed in, and it's very thick woods but has some somewhat open spaces once you make your way into the thick of it. So we headed in and me and my friend J thought the entire place looked like a swamp, and we were taking very careful steps and laughing because we thought everything was "puddles". My other friend K kept yelling about snakes or something (obviously the roots of the trees). So, we very carefully made our way through the woods and spent about an hour and a half trying to make our way throught the "swamp". It looked like there were shadows (can't really describe the shape, human or not), and some craaazy shit going down in there. We then decided we wanted to head to this kickass park in Bangor and asked my friend K's roomate (we'll call him A), if he'd drive us, and he did. We listened to some Pink Floyd on the way and everything was going great. We came over this hill and there's a hospital on the left side of that road, and we all simultaneously went WOAHHHHHHH!!! and started laughing hysterically. There was this blue light emitting from the hospital that was just outta this world. (We drove by a few nights later and its literally a BARELY noticeable blue light hahaha.) Our driver/sitter was kinda like wtf, he didn't really understand but he went with it. So we got to the park and my friend K kept saying "how is this possible?!!?!? Everythings perfect!!!". Obviously he and I and J were having a good time. So we walked around the park and marveled at how perfect everything really was, and we philosophised for awhile about life in general, and how we could spend the rest of our lives like this, etc. Then we came to the babbling brook, which kicks ass when ur tripping. My most memorable part of this trip was this big rock that I must've stared out for about a half hour. It was pitch black, but there were these crazy hot pink and hot green patterns all over the rock, and I felt like that rock was the most amazing thing I had ever seen in my entire life. After that there was this branch next to it and I picked it up, and when I did it looked like there was some sort of vine attached to it, and I was almost having a tug of war with the earth! Well guess what I won and snagged it from the earth, woot woot! lol. We left the park and drove back, and things wound down and we all went to bed with big shit-eating grins on our face.

The next morning we got together and talked about everything, and my friend K was kind of just wowed about the whole situation despite only eating about a half an eighth, but he's kind of a wussy boy, so his opinion doesn't matter too much to me. My good friend J and I decided that we wanted another bout with these crazy mushrooms while they were still in town. So I called my friend up and got some more (by the way they were 80 bucks a quarter). Our good friend G, who lives off campus and right next to a river wanted in on the mushrooms and it was a great environment for the three of us. We had his apartment to ourselves, and lots of good ganj. We all ate about 2.5 grams (doesn't seem like much, but these mushrooms of the 20 times i've tripped were the most POTENTTT mushrooms, and I dont mess around with my drugs, I ALWAYS get the best.) Anyways my friend G made some mushroom tea, and J and I ate em up. I personally don't mind the taste of them for some reason, but most people cringe when they eat them. Mushroom tea has the tendancy to kick in faster so my friend reported to us that his walls were breathing like 10 minutes later and he couldn't stop laughing and his pupils were HUUUUUGE. Well it was cold as shit again and it was like 9 at night, and we were of course headed for the river and the woods behind his apartment. I came into my friends room and he had on three hoodies, and a bandana over his mouth like a cowboy. It looked to me like he had three of everything then (sets of arms, sets of eyes, etc.) , like he was some sort of insect, I kind of shrugged it off and accepted the fact that I was now tripping SACK. I went into the bathroom which my friend G had advised not to becuz it was TOOOO CRAZZZY to go in there. I somehow managed to pee, even though I forgot how to for like five minutes. My friend then knocked on the door and was like "you're not looking in the mirror are you?!?!??!" Well, I was and that is a complete MiNdFuCk, if i do say so myself. So I laughed, said yeah, and got the hell outta there.

So G ended up staying inside and listening to music (he kinda wanted to be by himself), and me and J headed outside bundled up, and I actually had a blanket wrapped around me..... we looked RIDICULOUS. As soon as I walked outside I was like hoooly shit and i looked at the houses all around, and all of them were fucked up and the different stories and the roofs of the houses were uneven, and pretty much I was in Dr. Suess Land.... and it wassss AWESOME. We laughed about how fucked up we were and then headed to the woods, my friend tore into them, and I "lost track of him", despite his being 20 feet away. I felt like I had been walking and walking and walking, but when I turned around, I was probably only about a good 8 feet into the woods. I looked over and saw my friend sitting on a stump and there were rivers that looked like huge anaconda snakes just twirling around him like figure eights, suuuuper cool. Me and my friend J are on the same page when we trip and always laugh at the same time for no reason. So we both began laughing and i was like "what?", and we laughed again and he said "YOU know what, hahahha." Well yes, yes I did know what he was laughing about, everything was perfect and we were in Dr. Suess Land. We eventually went back inside and found our friend G laying on the floor with headphones on with tears rolling down his eyes. He was listening to one of his favorite songs, and having a special time to himself, and was somewhat startled as we entered but seemed glad to have some company. We watched some t.v. and we were smoking our faces off, and everybody on t.v. looked like a mix between a human and a shark to me, which was quite entertaining in and of itself (and fucking hilarious at that). My friend J and I then went into G's roomates room who was gone for the weekend and closed the door and probably tripped sack in there for two hours. That room was on another planet, as were the walls and the crazy patterns emitting and breathing from it. We would be silent thinking about god knows what for a few minutes, then it would occur to me "what is J thinking right now?", then we would both simutaneously laugh because he was thinking the SAME thing ("what is Mike thinking about?"), and no words were needed because we were definately on the same page, and mushrooms tend to give you a sort of e.s.p. type phenomenon that can only be experienced by eating them. We ventured out of the room after our two hours in wonderland. We all sat at the kitchen table and smoked some ganj as things were winding down. This is the only uncomfortable part of the entire weekend that I experienced. For some reason I tend to trip for a little longer than ANYONE else ive ever tripped with and they proved to eminent in this situation. My friends kept saying no they weren't tripping anymore, and although my visuals were completely gone I still was having bigtime mushroom thoughts, and I thought that we all had gone crazy, because I thought for sure they had to be feeling what I was feeling and that they were completely crazy because they couldn't even tell the difference anymore. I then went back into G's roommates room and was having mixed emotions about my life, and they wanted to party and were calling people over and THAT is what will make you have a bad trip and feel uncomfortable. (So don't do that lol). Well I snapped out of it about 15 minutes later and came outta the room and was just like woahhhhhh WHAT A WEEKEND.

I tripped sack two nights in a row, and had an amazing time despite the last 15 minutes of my weekend. (Which really wasn't even all that bad in hindsight.) For those of you who are skeptical about it, don't be, they're awesome. Just make sure you're in the right place with the right people and feel comfortable and I guarantee you'll feel all set. Relax and just let go and accept everything that is happening to you, do not try to prevent it, theres obviously nothing you can do. If you follow these guidelines, you will have the experience of a lifetime, and theres no way things will go bad. So I hope you liked my report and have a good trip!

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