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We Are Beautiful Minds

I am a 115 pound 15 year old that lives in Ojai.

I am a 115 pound 15 year old that lives in Ojai.I have been wanting to take shrooms for the last couple months. My friends had taken shrooms throughout the day. It was already 8 at night when I got ate the shrooms. My teeth were shaking and I was dreadfully afraid. I knew that might cause a bad trip if i wasn't in the right mindset. I don't know how many shrooms I ate, I think around and 1/8. But i showed my friend how much I was taking and he said i shouldn't have that many for my first time. That made me feel great and all my fear went away. I ate the dried shrooms with no food in my stomach. Within 15 minutes I saw a lil' head poke out from behind a wooden post. I walked to my friends house and there were about 10 people there. I drank alot of Orange juice when i got there because i heard that helps the visuals. At that time the visuals were beginning to really pick up. My friend said to look at my hands and i said i saw no ghost trail. Then i looked again and lo behold, i saw the ghost trail. The peoples hair began breathing and curtains flowed like rivers. Then I looked at the ceiling and I saw purple and green, patterns and stars and many other geometric shapes become 3-dimensional. I remember thinking: "I wish I could see that ceiling do that again," and then I looked at the ceiling again and the colors and patterns stayed. I didn't have to try anymore. I stared at the ceiling for a while and then the Mayan god(with tongue sticking out) came out of the ceiling. Then after seeing him move around for a while, A spirit in a white flowing dress floated down in front of me and was 2 feet in front of me. I went into another room and my friend played me some beautiful music on his iPod. Music such as Mogwai. Music was the only thing that made sense to me. That was life. I closed my eyes on "Summer" by Mogwai and I saw three-dimensional spirals. I also saw the inside of Alice and Wonderland. (not trying to be typical, but thats what it was) Then as I listened to more music, the room I was in got full. People began to sing the music I was listening to (as i saw there lips move). They all moved like robots. I went into the kitchen and ate more shrooms but they were in chocolate. Then I went outside and went into a garden with a friend that was shrooming. In the heavily forested garden, I thought I was in a space ship. Then me and my friends left to party. We took a back road that went through a dark forest. We ran down this long steep hill. I thought the weeds that latched onto my feet were corpses grabbing my legs. But It wasn't scary. I was in total control and I didn't fear them. Then we got onto a road that went uphill for a mile. I was with two kids that were totally sober. I was sweaty very badly and Thought I was going to die of dehydration. I asked so many questions and I didn't want to go to the party. I was almost ready to rip my clothes off because of the unbearable heat I experienced. The sky that night was incredible. There were many space ships and I saw each Jet stream as multicolored. We got to the party. The party was in a huge tent that had tons of lights. The tent was in a big field in a valley. It was a really nice tent though. The kind at weddings. I didn't go in and I just walked around in circles outside. That calmed me down alot and I stopped sweating. I walked up a huge hill and that freed me from all fear. I went to entrance of the party. My friends that were shrooming earlier that day were there. they were trying to communicate with me but I couldn't absorb anything they said. Me and my friend who were shrooming at that time went into a bush and relaxed. We walked back at bout 12 o clock. We were walking down the road and I questioned my existence. I was ready to jump in front of oncoming cars just to see what happened. Luckily I didn't. We got back and hung out for time. The hallucinations were going away. At 1 o' clock, I went to sleep.

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