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One friday night, my friend and I decided to do shrooms.

One friday night, my friend and I decided to do shrooms. It was our first time doing it. We had done lots of stronger drugs before (eg. Estacy) but Shrooms had just never been offered. But anyways, we were soo hyped to do them. So we ate them around 6:00p.m. I didn't know what to expect. After about 30 minutes, I was getting so pissed that they weren't going to kick in. But then we met up with some friends and they smoked us a joint. After I smoked the joint, I stood up and the world looked so weird to me. I was walking down the street and I was all by myself going over to meet some friends, and so I walked up to a group of people (Thinking they were my friends) and just starting having a conversation with them. 5 minutes later, I realize"Who the fuck are these people" I had just realized that I had just been standing there for god know how long talking to a bunch of strangers.I just mummbled "sorry I thought you were my friends" and walked away. It was sooo embarrasing but at that point I had no worries in the world!!! The funny thing is that all my friends had been watching me walk up to some unknown house and just start talking to people that I didn't even know. Anyways, later on that night, we were chillin' in my friends garage, and I bought a dime bag. And I rolled it up, and when I was smoking it, it felt like it was 10 feet long, it was crazy!!! Some more people came that night and I was offered to smoke about 5 joints, and I turned them all down just because I was soooo fucked.(First time I have ever turned down a joint) I was just sitting there trying to pay attention to the conversations going on around me but I kept drifting off and thinking crazy shit. I didn't want to talk because I didn't know if I was hearing everybody correctly. I had the maddest body buzz ever. I felt like I could feel ever bone in my body!! I felt like I was a dummy!! My whole body felt fake. I was tripping out sooo bad. I couldn't even look at my friends face because it was dripping off of her bones. Then, later that night when I had to go home, my friend came with me. And we sat tripping in my room (my room has silver walls, black light, glowing stuff) and we just sat there and talked about how the universe was created and shit like that. Anyways, that was my first experience on Shrooms, and I loved it. Just one word of advice, always stay with the people that you ate the shrooms with. U will always have alot more fun. KEEP SHROOMING!!!!!!!!!!:):)

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