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Water and Stairs

I tripped for about the ninth or tenth time two weekends ago.

I tripped for about the ninth or tenth time two weekends ago. It started off simple, a friend from college brought in about a half ounce of shrooms in from college. Me and my friend Ross decided to Score a little more then an eighth. Now we decided to go to his house just cause it was extremely large, pool, hot tub, sauna, and all kinds of weird sculptures that his mom brings home from work. Its a shroomers dream house. I took mine slowly, swallowing a couple straight and then keeping a couple in my mouth to absorb slowly into my bloodstream. We decided to hit the hot tub, it was the most appropriate place with the warm water and the stars glistening above. I brought down a large thing of Sunny D because I heard Vitamin C helps out the trip. Right as the effects started kicking in I went under water. With my snorkel mask ready everything was crazy. The bubbles were shooting everywhere, the new sounds teased my ears with their sweet symphonies. The vents swirling like tornadoes all attracting me to them, drawing me near to their previously undiscovered wonders they had. The simple objects soon became so new, so alien like. As I came to the top to let my friend go down, I became absorbed in the sweet symphonies I could make by letting the water trickle through my fingers. Everything was synchronous, the sounds, the bubbles, the stars, they all fit n perfectly. As eat set of drops hit the water, it pumpled out blush vibes and rythems. I never once looked at the time so I could not tell you the time I spent in the hot tub but eventually I got out. It was the last time I would see my friend in this tripping experience. As I went outside, I grabbed the blanket that I felt fit my mood the best. It was a navajo pattern with a smooth feel to it and the maroons and yellows just made me feel secure, safe, happy. As I went outside I took a while to observe the nature, the lake, the island that was in the lake. I looked at the swaying trees and pondered what they were saying. Eventually I closed my eyes. I let the wind carry me and take me to a place where my memories of the music from the bubbles and the stars blended with an arrangement of colors. I thought about what Heaven was like and what being in peace with oneself feels like. I knew I had reached it. As I came down from being in touch with the divine, I knew it was time to sleep. This night was excellent and one I won't forget.

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