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Closing My Eyes

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This was my first time taking mush, so I probably didnt need much to trip pretty well. My brother gave me some one night, but I dont know how much it was, maybe 2 grams or a little less? I dont know if I rated this trip right either, because....you'll find out why. So anyways, I ate the mush normally, and didn't mind the taste for about 5 minutes. When I was finished chewing them for about 10 minutes, I swallowed them. Later on, maybe 30 minutes me my bro and about 4 others walked around this lakeside park for a while. And at first, I didnt notice anything. Until I looked up at the stars. Im not sure how to discribe it, it was like the star constellations would follow my eyes When I looked up at the stars and moved my eyes across the sky. That was the high point for about another half hour until we got home. I decided to close my eyes and sit on my bros bed for a while because the shrooms were giving me a stomach ache. Thats when the fun began. I started to see triangles of energy, floating in space, and it felt like I was a part of the energy. I no longer cared about anything in life, because I thought we were all a part of the energy, so nothing mattered to anyone. I could feel myself flowing with energy and I liked it. But when I opened my eyes, I saw the same old room the same way it was before, no tripping when my eyes were open. Except for one minor thing. If I looked between my legs with my hands blocking all other view except for the floor, It looked like there was a hole stretching into infinity. Later, I closed my eyes more, and became a part of the energy again. Sinse I no longer cared about anything, I thought i should chew on my barbed wire necklace. It seamed to melt and become a part of my mouth. I started to move my hands and they felt like they were melting together. It was so wierd, and fun. happy trips :)

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