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Watching the grass grow

My first time to do any psychedlic drug besides alcohol and cannibis was over this last summer of 2002.

My first time to do any psychedlic drug besides alcohol and cannibis was over this last summer of 2002. It was the middle of June and was a fairly pleseant night. Me and about 5 friends decided to trip some shrooms we had purchased. They were in capsule form. i took 3 capsules and so did everyone else. each capsule was 1/2 gram so i had 1.5 grams. We took them with some OJ and procceeded outside ot smoke a cigarette. After the cig we loaded a bowl of schwag and toked up. As soon as i took the first hit i felt very different. This was about 25 minutes after we ate the shrooms. It was completely dark outside except for a nearby streetlight. I looked up at the clear sky and watched the stars. They seemed to be moving a little. I ignored this and tried to focus on closer things.
A little later after about 3 bowls of schwag i noticed that my friends garden was very detailed. All the flowers and plants seemed to be perfectly symetrical. All of the leaves and flowers were in perfect geometric formations. They also seemed to be breathing in and out. I was astonished by this. I left the group and went into another portion of the yard to trip and meditate in the garden (i'm a hippie when i trip). As i sat there i looked around myself and noticed that his grass was growing at an incredible rate all around me! it swayed in the warm summer breeze and i felt completely relaxed with the world. The grass felt like a comfort to me and was acting as a guard to not let any thing evil happen to me this night. I then thanked the grass for the visuals and returned inside with the group.
I sat on a couch and looked at my friend's very textured wall. As i sat i stared into it and noticed a few faces. The faces were in a perfect vertical line and then i realized i was staring at a totem pole. The totem pole morphed around and then changed into a forest. There were trees everywhere and i sat astonished that a forest grew in my friend's wall!
All the walls were breathing and colors were more intense than i ever could have imagined. Unfortunatly i had been tripping for about 2 hours when i had to go home. When i got home i hate some crackers and grapefruit juice and then hit the hay. The next morning i felt awesome as though i had the most relaxing and deepest sleep of my life. I recomend mushrooms for something to do on a summer night, sure was fun for me.

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