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Walls of Jello, DJing In My Head and Confusion

I got home from work around 12 o' clock, and a friend of mine had sold me a four gram bag of mushrooms.

I got home from work around 12 o' clock, and a friend of mine had sold me a four gram bag of mushrooms. So, I proceed to eat the shrooms, pausing to chug orange juice and to hit the weed pipe that's in rotation. The only people in the house were my roommate and our mutual friend, Billy. I was the only one shrooming that night.
Ten or fifteen minutes after eating the whole bag, the lighting subtly shifted to a yellow tinge. I started to "come up" and my breathing became heavy. As time passed, my roommate, Billy and I watched television. When Billy tried to talk to me, I was unable to respond. I simply looked at him and yawned. Again, he tried to talk to me, but I was still in the midst of an elongated brain fart. I began to panic, and I rudely blurted out "I'm trippin' balls, MAN!" My roommate and Billy continued to stare at me, which made me uncomfortable, so I blurted out "What!?"
Soon, I was able to speak again, but I noticed that I was rocking back and forth and hugging myself. I looked over at my friend Billy, seeing his profile (which had a bright lighting to it). Billy decided to go back to his house, but even after he left, I could see multicolored, multi-eyed images of the side of Billy's face in the walls and in other objects.
Soon, I was hit by waves of euphoria, as if love was ratiating out of my body at a million miles a second. I loved everything and everyone very intensly. This continued for around and hour or two. Eventually, I shuffled into the bathroom, to look at myself in the mirror. My pupils were huge and watery. I shuffled into my room and laid on my bed. This is when the major hallucinations began. My walls and floor bagan to rock from side to side...posters had the consistancy of Jello, and looked as if they were going to melt out of their frames. A "vortex" poster on my wall became a huge, scary tunnel that wiggled from side to side like a huge, imaginary snake.
My mind was running at a million miles a minute. The euphoric feeling I had experianed was replaced by one of confusion and edginess. I began to hear music (I'm not sure if it was in my head or a garbled version of whatever was playing in the living room). I realized that I could ALTER the music, and I began to DJ and remix the sounds that I heard, into long intricate songs. My surrounding had begun to look like a huge water-painting, and I was able to "smudge" colors using my finger.
Soon, however, I began to get scared. I felt as if I were going out my mind and that I might do something horrible if I didn't go to sleep soon. By this time, it was already 5 in the morning. I tried to fall asleep, but I eyes felt like they were huge and bulging, and my eyelids were wrapped to tightly around my shroomed out orbs. Eventually, somehow, I managed to fall asleep...waking up 3 hours later to go to work.

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