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Waiting for the Sun

My weed man had gotten ahold of some shrooms that everyone said were great.

My weed man had gotten ahold of some shrooms that everyone said were great. I'm not sure exactly what species or strain they were, but they were FAT and covered in golden flakes. One of my best friends(we'll call him N) had never taken dried shrooms before. He had only had chocolates with the shrooms mixed in a long time ago. I have tripped on shrooms and acid several times, and N was anxious to try these.
We both took 2 grams at 4:30 on a beautiful Friday afternoon. I mean there wasn't a cloud in the sky, it was perfect weather for trippin outside. We took them at my weed man's house and then decided we would go to a different neighborhood because they had an old golf course we could walk around. We drove over to that neighborhood and parked at a friends house. We both started to notice that colors were looking brighter. It had been 20-30 minutes since we ate them. We went inside the house and rolled a blunt to smoke while we were outside. We set off out the door about 50 minutes after we ate the shrooms and got on our way.
As we were walkin to the golf course, my stomach started hurting a little, but I knew that was normal and tried my best to ignore it. By the time we got to the golf course, I could feel the shrooms coming on strong. The first thing I noticed was the my arms were about four feet long, almost dragging on the ground. I looked at my blunt and realized it was "A magic wand" and I was the magician. We lit it up and started walking around, just smoking and looking around. The nausea was still there and wasn't going away. I didn't want to throw up and waste any of the shrooms, but the blunt made me cough and made it worse. I eventually gave in and threw up. I felt better and noticed that I hadn't thrown up anything solid, so I was happy the shrooms had already gotten into my system.
I was feeling a lot better and I noticed N was feeling great too. When I walked into a clearing and stepped into the sunlight, it felt as if I had never been alive before that moment. The sun was warm and comforting, and I realized the sun is responsible for all the life on earth. I felt like a had gotten a hug from God Himself. As the trip intensified, I began to get closer to N. We've been friends for a few years, and we always do our drugs together, so we've got a good bond. But while we were trippin I could feel his emotions and I had a sense that I knew what he was thinking and feeling. He said he felt the same thing. Anytime we said anything we both had already heard it and understood it before it was said.
We finished smoking and found an old wooden bridge. N sat down on the edge and I layed on my back and looked at the sky. The leaves on the trees had not grown back yet, and all the bare branches were swaying above me in the wind. I felt like I was floating away while I laid there and the branches were making all kinds of new shapes and designs I had never seen before. We stayed there for a while and watched the trees breath and listened to the water. I eventually got up and when I did, I realized I was FUCKED UP. It was all good though, because that was the point of eating the shrooms, I told myself. I wasn't going to let this turn into a bad trip, so I decided that no matter what, I would just flow with it.
We crossed the bridge and walked around for a while longer, when we noticed the sun was going down. We decided we should find a higher place to wait for the sunset. We walked around a bit longer and ended up next to the power lines. N walked up and touched the pole and said he could feel the electricity for miles. I leaned up next to it and felt the same vibrations. We had a great view of the sun and by this time, the sky had started turning pink, red, and orange. There were so many beautiful colors in the sky and I could see every ray of light was bending and swirling making designs. It is without a doubt the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. We both decided that this was proof of God and that God had put this sunset here today for us, so that we could see a small glimpse of his glory. The tall pine trees had branches stretching up for what seemed like thousands of feet, and the bare tops of the trees looked like roots. I could see the roots being pulled out of the sky, which led us to talk about what was "beyond the blue" as N put it. The tall pine trees were VERY green in the sunlight and there were some kind of trees with bright red blooms in front of them. The red contrast made the trees catch on fire and burn without smoking or changing shape.
I was also looking at the power lines above us and the parallel lines stretched on for miles and miles into the horizon against the clear blue sky. I looked out west where the lines were heading and let myself drop out. There were no thoughts in my head. I was leaning against the pole and could still feel the electricity traveling down the lines. For a moment, I traveled with the electricity. It felt like eternity, and I stopped at the horizon and looked back at myself and my friend and the pole we were leaning on. I decided not to go any farther because I wanted to watch the sunset, so I came back.
We found all kinds of meaning in the sunset, and the second it disappeared, I started getting cold. We decided to go back to the house to smoke some more and try to get warm. We had to cross the road, which ended up in us running across another bridge and dodging traffic (I think the cars were real.)
We got back to the house still trippin out hard, it had been about 2 and a half hours since we first ate the shrooms. I put on a Jimi Hendrix CD and started rollin a blunt. The music sounded great and "All Along the Watchtower" was so entrancing that I had to stop rolling the blunt when the song came on. After we smoked, I kept getting colder and colder. I covered up in blankets, but it didn't seem to help. I started to get very tired and decided I was going to lay down for a little while.
I went to a dark room and laid on a couch by myself. I remember feeling colder than I've ever felt in my life but I was sweating at the same time. My body felt completely empty and I couldn't figure out why. I floated in and out of consciousness for 20 minutes or so, thinking about the things I saw on the golf course. I realized I was missing the sun. The same warmth and comfort it had given me earlier were missing, and now I felt cold and alone. Jimi was still playing in the background, and my friends had left to get some food. I laid there until they got back. Once I got up and drank some water, I felt fine. I was still trippin really hard, but I wasn't cold anymore.
We listened to The Doors for a while and smoked some more bud, and I was trying to explain Jim Morrison to N when I remembered I had the movie. N had never seen it, so we watched The Doors and tripped out on that for a while. During the movie, N and I looked at each other at the same time and said "Let's get some more." After the movie was over, the weed man came over and brought us more shrooms. We each took another gram at midnight, and smoked another blunt. The rest of the night, we sat around and listened to music and watched TV. I didn't have any really great visuals, but I was filled with a sense of understanding why I was here. I felt extremely relaxed and I was happy with the way my trip had gone. Best of all, I had developed a deep bond with N that just made our friendship stronger. So I sat on the couch and felt like I was sinking into it for a few hours, just fryin and havin a really great body buzz. I left at about 4 AM and went home. I could still feel the shrooms, but I managed to lay down and go to sleep because of how tired I was.
After this trip, I really believe the best setting for a mushroom trip is outside on a gorgeous day. There were so many other little things that caught our attention that we had never seen before, but we've been on that golf course hundreds of times. It was an amazing experience, and I'm sure we'll do it again.

Me - 155 lbs, male, 20
N - 165 lbs, male, 20

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